Free Dating in Australia

Sign up to and never have to pay a thing, for the chance to browse and connect with countless singles throughout Australia. Join the thousands of people who have started dating for free in Australia to see where your dating adventure takes you. Find local singles in your area or have a look at the other online dating sites from the FreeAndSingle Group, to meet likeminded people in moments.
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Your Best Chance To Find Local Aussie Singles

With hundreds of new members joining us every day across Australia, you're never too far away from a new, heart-racing encounter with someone near you. Where are you?
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100% Safe, Secure & Fun!

We've been in the online dating business since 2002. Plus our founders met online many moons ago, so we know what we're doing. And even though we're still learning and getting better at what we do every day, one of the key things everyone here is hot on is making sure your time with us is as fun, safe and successful as possible. 100% safe, secure and fun dating for free in Australia is our team's goal. Always...
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