Casual Dating

Casual Dating

Not everyone is looking to find their soul mate or future spouse when they join the dating scene. If you want to sign up to free online dating for a more casual and relaxed experience, then that’s totally cool. But to make sure that you don’t send mixed messages, or hurt anyone along the way, FreeAndSingle has some casual dating advice to ensure that go the right way about it. So you can enjoy no strings attached encounters, and ensure there really are no strings attached.


Be Open and Honest


You might be completely bowled over by a good-looking man or woman who you find online, but don’t con them to get what you want. If their profile indicates that they are looking for something serious, steer clear or you could risk not only hurting their feelings, but getting into commitments that you don’t want.

As soon as you start talking with someone you meet online, make it clear that you are looking for a casual encounter. This doesn’t need to be in your opening message, but make it clear as soon as seems appropriate – certainly before the first date. If they’re not interested, then accept this and move on. Don’t force the matter.


Keep it Light-hearted

It can be all too easy to slip into commitment if you’re dating casually, so when you start online dating keep your communication with potential hook ups light-hearted and amenable. Try to avoid heavy and serious topics that will get you both too emotionally involved, as it can be much more difficult to cut ties with someone when you start to know them well.


Nice and Easy

Just because you’re looking for something casual doesn’t mean that you can’t be nice about it. Try not to make your messages overly sleazy or crude – being a gentleman (or perfect woman!) over the issue is much more likely to get you success in the first place. Allow the process to be a two-way communication, in arrangements and wishes from the experience. And who knows, you could have an unforgettable encounter with someone amazing!


If you don’t plan on seeing them again and you’ve made it clear that this will be the case, it can still be a nice gesture to leave them a message telling them what a good time you had. That way there will be no hard feelings and perhaps if ever you fancied meeting up again, they would likely be more than willing to give you another shot! A short and sweet message the next day isn’t commitment, it’s just plain polite.


No strings attached dating might be fun, but in order to make the most of it you need to follow a few simple rules. Try to be sensitive to the fact that many online daters are looking for more than a fling, and be open and honest to avoid getting bogged down in a relationship you don’t want. By doing so, you can have unlimited fun without breaking any hearts along the way.


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Celebrity Dating

We might pretend we don’t care and that we’re above celebrity gossip… and fair enough a few of you won’t. However if the majority of us are honest, we can’t resist finding out the latest Hollywood news of who’s dating who and what’s happening in the world of the A-listers. That’s why every now and then we’ll be giving you the low down on the newest gossip in the celebrity world, to get you excited about what Cupid might have in store for you.


Age Gap Ahoy

If you read our blog post last week about whether age gaps matter when it comes to free dating and relationships, then the news that Ray Donovan star Steven Bauer, aged, 53, is dating Lydia Loudon, aged 18, will probably receive a mixed opinion. Although being 35 years older than Lydia he could feasibly be her Grandad, we’re not judging when it comes to love, fun and chemistry. And if they’re happy, then that’s all that matters, right?


Divorced Celebrities Back on the Dating Scene

Proof that you can soon get back on the dating scene if you’ve been through a divorce (or if you’re Gwyneth Paltrow anyway), the news this week that Gwyneth has been dating Glee creator Brad Falchuk will put a smile on the face of any divorcees. Having announced her separation from Coldplay star Chris Martin only a few months ago in March, it’s good to know that she’s made a speedy recovery with someone who is sure to give her ‘glee’.


Cinderella Story

It hasn’t taken long for someone to woo Prince Charming (aka Harry) only a few months after he came out of a two year relationship. And we can probably all leave our jealousy aside in the knowledge that he is currently dating a charity worker. True, Camilla Thurlow may have been a former Miss Edinburgh, but it’s great inspiration for anyone who’s looking for their own prince charming, or a wealthy dating opportunity. You just have to be in the right place at the right time… or shall we say online at the right time, FreeAndSingle members?


Bisexual Dating?

Rumours are flying around Hollywood this week that after splitting with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Cara Delevigne are now seeing each other. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, the two certainly seemed happy on their holiday in St Tropez. And after a break up, doesn’t everyone need a bit of casual dating to revamp their love life? Keep an eye on this piece of news to develop.
Celebrity dating gossip toes a very thin line between rumour and reality, and who know what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood? However it’s clear that love and free dating takes many forms in the world of the A-listers, so if we can take anything away from the most recent celebrity news, it’s that age, sex, dating history and status doesn’t mean all that much if you have chemistry!


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Silver Surfer?

Remember the days when you were back at school and it was a massive controversy if you dated someone a few years below you? Even now, you probably have a few friends or relatives that make a big deal if you date someone who wasn’t at least in education at the same time as you. But what exactly does it matter? FreeAndSingle takes a look at whether age gaps really matter when it comes to online dating, to settle this question once and for all.

The Pros and Cons


It’s very easy to add up the cons when you think about big age differences in relationships. Many people assume that if you date someone a decade older or younger than you, then you’ll have nothing in common, your partner will be immature or old and boring, and one will outlive the other. But when you think about the many reasons that people get together in the first place, the fact that they are the same age doesn’t usually rank high in priorities, does it?


When looking for a partner, most people are searching for someone who makes them laugh and shares their interests – someone who excites them for a change. Online dating is a great example of this, as it shows how many people have failed to find love or friendship within the group of people than they might traditionally socialise with. With free dating online, sure you might check out their profile picture and age, but the emphasis is more on where you’re located, what hobbies you have, and if you make a connection when you start chatting. Surely you can’t put an age on chemistry?


Besides, free dating doesn’t automatically lead to marriage and kids, and the whole emphasis of meeting new people online is to refresh your love life and enjoy exciting new encounters. So giving someone older or younger than you a shot doesn’t sign your life away with them…. Unless you eventually decide they’re the one!


Celebrity Relationships With Big Age Gaps


When you look at the celebrity world, it seems that they don’t care in the slightest about this ‘age old’ problem. Bradley Cooper and Suzi Waterhouse have a 17 year age gap, and that is by no means the biggest in Hollywood. Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas are 25 years apart, having been married for a massive 12 years. Their relationship is surely testament to that fact that you don’t need to have watched the same cartoon programs as a kid to connect. Besides, you could easily argue that having a different background and outlook on life can enrich a relationship and keep you both grounded.


We’re not saying that age is irrelevant, as it does to a certain extent define who we are. But when you’re looking to meet local singles online who share your interests and give you a new outlook on life, why should a few years get in the way of your fun?

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