Single Parent Dating

So it’s been going well – you’ve been on three or four dates together, they’ve made you laugh more times than is healthy in public, and your meet-ups are starting to feel like a essential part of your week. Romance is hitting you like a freight train with its brakes cut.


But there’s one crucial test awaiting your new partner: meeting your significant others, and keeping it casual enough so that they don’t want to bury their face in your mum’s lasagne at the dinner table. Here’s how to ease your date into the family without it ending in disaster . . .


Caffeine is a winner


A casual boozy night after work might seem like a good way to liquidate your date’s nerves. Alcohol, though, carries the danger of someone saying too much too soon, and a personal filter must remain intact if they’re after a decent impression.


Coffee, preferably at lunch or in the afternoon, is a tried-and-tested alternative that will embalm pleasantries in the satisfying chink of china and teaspoons. It’s will also present your date as a sophisticated gent or lady who doesn’t need litres of wine to be charming.


The great outdoors


One of the most daunting prospects for someone is meeting your child for the first time. They don’t want to tread on their toes or seem too eager to be a part of their life, so whether a toddler or teenager is vying for your date’s attention, you can’t go wrong with some outdoor fun.


You’ll have to play on your kid’s home turf, which means picking an activity they like and won’t feel threatened by. This doesn’t mean dragging your partner along to a local league game or horse-riding lesson. A simple trip to the park will do, or a walk somewhere beautiful. Save bonding on the go-kart track for trip number two.


Cook at your place


Look, it’s a big ask to parachute your date into the family home before they’ve even learned your parents’ first names. They’ll have to sit there and say nice things constantly about furniture they don’t really care about, and lie with a grin if dad’s put too much salt in the gravy. To remove the sense of an impending interrogation from the night, you have to be the one on host duty. As head of the table, you can direct conversation how you like, spreading the comments more fairly from clan to beau.


Sibling satisfaction


Brothers and sisters may just be the hardest people to please in the world. They’ll hear about your dating adventures with delicious interest, but when you’ve actually found someone who fits the bill, expect that to turn to raging suspicion.


Prove that your date has the mettle to meet them by inviting them out with your sibling in a sizeable group. Full marks will be scored if your partner relates as well to complete strangers as well as the siblings they’ve heard about, proving the pair of you are a social force to be reckoned with.


Family ties bind us, but we get to pick and choose our lovers, and there’s no reason why one shouldn’t seem as natural as the other. Join FreeAndSingle today to find that perfect addition to your inner circle!

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Single parents face countless challenges on a day-to-day basis, and although there are few pleasures greater than raising a child, often family commitments can get in the way of romantic ones. But having a love life isn’t impossible if you’re a single parent. And when the kids have gone to bed and you finally get some time to yourself, online dating is the perfect way to refocus your relationships and find someone who is worthy of an introduction to the children.


Online Dating for Parent


Time is a precious commodity when you have children, so the prospect of wasting an evening on a blind date that may or may not go well is neither appealing nor feasible for most single parents. After all, you don’t want to use up your babysitting options on an evening of awkward conversation with a stranger. However when you sign up to online dating, you can start talking to local singles who match your interests and situation – such as fellow parents who are looking for love.


If money is tight or you’re looking to ease yourself into the dating scene, free online dating is a great way to start flirting without any membership fees. You can log on as often or as little as you like – or shall we say when you finally get a moment to yourself. And because you can select the people you speak to by age, location, status and whether they have kids, you can eliminate the time wasters and shape your internet dating journey, to ensure you have a positive experience.


Single Parents and Relationships

If you’ve been on dates before as a single parent, you’ll be familiar with the classic dilemma of slipping the children into the conversation. Do you lay your cards out on the table immediately, or wait until you’ve made a connection? How will he or she react when they find out that you’ve got ‘luggage’? The beauty of online dating is that you can make your situation clear from the start, eliminating the problem altogether. So when a potential suitor gets in touch, you’ll know that they are child-friendly and interested in the real you.


Online dating conversations allow you to determine whether he or she is worth scheduling a babysitter for. If you’ve both got children, you may want to wait until the second or third meeting to arrange a play date with the kids. After all, you don’t want to confuse the children with a new men or woman every week. Reserve an introduction until you’re sure that you’ve found ‘the one’.


Prioritise your love life without compromising on your commitment to the kids by joining FreeAndSingle or FreeAndSingleParents today. Meet single parents who are looking for someone just like you, in a relaxed, fun and most of all free environment that makes juggling your relationships simple and easy. And who knows, you could just find someone who slots perfectly into your little family unit.

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Single Parent

Finding ‘the one’ can be difficult at the best of times, but especially so if you’ve got children in tow. However that doesn’t make a quest for love impossible, you just have to change your approach a little to help you find someone that’s right for you and your family. So if you’re a single mum or dad who is looking to get back on the dating scene, here are a few tips to make your adventure fun, exciting, and hopefully fruitful.


Set Your Goals and Limit Expectations

Not every single parent is looking to find a new mum or dad for their children. If you’re simply looking for a bit of fun, or someone who also has kids, then that’s ok too. But try to work out exactly what you want from your dating journey before you set off. And don’t get your hopes up on every person who you go on a few dates with. It can be very confusing for children if they meet a lot of new lovers who keep coming and going, so try to keep your dating on neutral territory until you meet someone who you think is ‘the one’.


Be Open About Your Children

Be honest from the offset with any dates that you do meet so that they know where they stand. That doesn’t mean introducing yourself as ‘Hi I’m Jane, I have two kids and you look like awesome father material’. However don’t make the mistake of putting off telling them until further down the line. After all, if they don’t want to get involved with a family person, then you’ll have wasted your time on someone who isn’t worth it. Although if you are just looking for some no strings attached fun, then it’s not an essential talking point anyway.


Find Love in the Right Places 

We’re not saying it’s impossible, but you’re not very likely to find a family-loving, caring and reliable man on a boozy night out in town. Meeting new people can be difficult when you have kids for several reasons. Firstly, finding the time to get out and socialise when you’ve got the children to look after can be a challenge, unless you have family and friends who are willing to help out. Secondly, when you do get out there, it’s a whole different ball game seeking out someone suitable.


That’s where online dating comes in. By simply logging into your FreeAndSingle account, you can search and connect with local singles when the kids are busy playing or tucked up in bed. Find fellow single parents or exciting new faces who really give you butterflies, and arrange a date when you decide they could be a good match. With our free dating service, it’s never been easier to find love as a parent!


We know that the kids come first for any parent, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a little time and loving for yourself too, does it? Online dating is a great way to get back on the dating scene whilst keeping on top of the busy role of being a mum or dad. And the best thing about it is that at FreeAndSingle, it’s absolutely free!

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Deciding to date again


Having been single for a while, it can be terrifying to think about putting yourself back onto the dating market. You tell yourself times have changed, people might do things differently and you’ve changed too – you’ve a child or children, your body is different, your life perspective and priorities have changed dramatically since the last time you pulled on you little black dress and headed out on the town.


However, despite the scary thought of going back to dating, and this time as a single parent with baggage, know that it is healthy to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Getting stuck in a routine will have helped you and your kids achieve a sense of normalcy during the period of getting used to being a single parent, but that’s not a lesson you want ingrained in your kids psyche. They need to know that in order to achieve something great, risks have to be taken.


Getting a sitter while you put yourself back out there


First things first: having made the decision that you are ready and comfortable with heading back out into the dating pool, you need to make sure that your children are cared for in your absence.

Dating for single parents

Ask friends and family members if they would be amenable to looking after the kids for an evening a week to give you time to go out. Not only might they be able to help get you a few starter dates, but they’ll be happy to look after your sprogs at least once. Once you know your kids are being cared for, you can relax and dedicate a little time to yourself. Sign up to Free and Single Parent and you’ll instantly have thousands of eligible singles who understand the restrictions and priorities of parenthood at your fingertips. Arrange a few dates and start getting excited!


Meeting a prospective suitor for the first time


Remember: children are impressionable. Keep your dating life private and for you only. It is unlikely that you will meet your ideal suitor immediately, so don’t be discouraged, but keep enjoying dating. Once you do meet someone special, stick to dates for just the two of you for a while until you can be sure that it is a relationship. Only then, once you are both comfortable enough with each other, should you introduce your date to your kids.


If your new relationship has children on the other side as well, consider meeting your partner’s kids first and then after a few meetings, go ahead and introduce both sets of kids to one another.


Incorporating two families together


This is never going to be easy. You all have memories of how life used to be before you were single, when you were single and projections of how the future ought to go. You have to try and relax and be open and communicative with everyone. Each person involved, however minor, will experience repercussions from the uniting of two different families. New relations will be gained, new friends, even new homes, schools and outlooks on life. It will be hard, but if you are prepared to deal with whatever situations may arise and if you have the patience to ride out the tough times, you and your family are in for a treat.



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Single Parent Man and Daughter

Single parents. You’ve been alone, you’ve felt what it is like to come home at the end of the day and have no-one to vent to. Sure, maybe you have a great network of friends, or a supportive family. Maybe you pour your feelings into art or the gym. It’s never exactly the same though, as having a real, live, actual person who chooses to sit and listen.


Of course, you’re never actually alone though, are you? There is always your child, (or children) to think of, to keep active and happy. You end up in a weird limbo, part of you longing for adult conversation with someone really close, and the other discussing why it is not okay to paint on the hallway walls.


Do you ever really get time to just sit, think and be you? To start becoming the new you, the one who gets to have both a glass of wine in the evening with the life partner and to read the storybook at bedtime? Are you a parent looking for love?


There are three key steps in moving on after becoming a single parent:


1) Learn to Love Yourself Again

Put a little effort into you – beg and borrow favours from friends and family to get a an hour here or there to yourself when they babysit. Take the time to do something you love; whether it be a zumba class, a ps3 marathon or chilling out with a good book. Once you can see yourself as a person again, instead of a parent, you’ll start to feel better about moving onwards with your life. I love this awesome blog on the trials and tribulations of dating as a single parent for some real stories from single mums – inspirational and really uplifting to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


2) Leave the Past (and Ex’s) Behind You

Nothing good comes of dwelling on the past. Remember the good times and prepare for the great times you have ahead of you. Note down somewhere why you and your ex broke up in the first place and don’t be tempted to revisit old territory for the sake of your kids – you deserve to be happy and your children will be better off in the long term if you don’t resent them as the reason you stayed in an unhappy relationship!


3) Embrace your Baggage as Experience, and Move On

Everything you’ve been through makes you, you. Think it through, come to terms with what happened and put it down as your own personal bit of history. Once you’re ready to move on, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you have a substance of experience behind you and that you can go forth into dating again, excited for what the future holds.

Single Parents can be happy dating again


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