The Do’s And Don’ts Of Facial Hair In Dating

Dating facial hair

Numerous articles, more than we care to mention, tell us that we’ve hit ‘peak beard’. This is a fashion that reached its apex a year ago, or three, or seven – reports tend to differ as wildly as a moustache can bristle in the wind. The do’s and don’ts of facial hair have received an equal amount of commentary, following our modern penchant for the scruffy/chic style combo.

As a result, facial hair in dating has involved a lot of hairy situations over the last decade, and continues to endure them. So let’s jump into the debate, and part with some advice for men (and women) who are part of the tribe…

DO – Trim to perfection

We spend enough effort on slicking head hair to a winning mould, so why wouldn’t you do the same for anything on your lips or chin? No-one’s going to kiss you if that mouth is obliterated by a forest of black curls.

Trimming every couple of days, and a slight touch-up before you see your beau, will show that your facial hair is a defining factor of your look. An even cut is just what someone wants to feel as they run a finger over your cheek.

DON’T – Have mismatched colours

We’ve all seen it: the red-headed god, whose otherwise holy visage is punctured by a brown goatee that flexes when they speak, drawing attention to itself. Differences in colour between head and facial hair have to be very, very slight in order to skirt ridiculousness. Unless you have grey hair, and your beard is just catching up, there aren’t many excuses for looking like an accident in a paint factory. So consider stocking up on dye to level things out.

DO – Stay casual about it

As we mentioned, sprouting styles on the face is hardly ground-breaking or unusual. Perish the hipster who thinks it’s endearing to twirl their moustache as they talk; whilst facial growth can be a huge turn-on, mentioning it incessantly certainly isn’t. Just be yourself and forget you have more insulation than the average human being.

DON’T – Eat sloppily

If your date’s eyes are widening every time that soup gets within slurping distance, they’re probably just fascinated by your eating habits, wondering how that chin-fluff can stay so clean.

You know, of course, that it takes a lot of practice, of staring in the mirror whilst you consume a taco as neatly as possible. Well, maybe not that far – but eating carefully is a must, and not doing so is tantamount to wearing a muzzle: that’s how impossible they’ll think a smooch will be at the end of the night.

Online dating comes with all the perks, quirks and intricacies of daily life, and facial hair is obviously a big attribute to get excited by. Those bearded, moustachioed people know just how attractive they can be, and popular taste is on their side for the foreseeable future.

But keep this advice in mind, because facial hair in dating can be a tricky business if you don’t look after it. Once you get a FreeAndSingle account, free of charge, you can work on that grooming routine, teasing out an awesome style they’ll love to stroke under the covers…

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