4 Fun Date Ideas for Winter

Winter date ideas

Winter is well and truly upon us and with shorter days comes longer nights, and lots of fun opportunities to invite that totally awesome person you’ve met online out on a date. So grab a scarf that’s big enough for two, and make your way through some of these unique date ideas for winter.


1. Ice Skating


Sport can be a tricky subject for dates, as getting sweaty doing exercise with someone you’ve just met is hardly the most sexy way to get to know one another. However ice skating is a brilliant date idea for winter, and the great thing about it is the worse you are at this seasonal sport, the more fun it becomes. Because ever girl wants to fall into the arms of her lover like they do in the movies, right? Caution: it might not look as cute and elegant in real life.


2. Christmas Market Shopping


At any other time of year, the idea of being dragged around the shops on a first, second, third or (insert number here) date would make some people run for cover. However there’s something special about shopping during the festive period, as Christmas carols, cool window displays and tons of novelty gifts make this chore a whole lot more fun. Especially when a German Christmas market is involved. If there’s one way to appease a guy when shopping, it’s with mulled wine and a frankfurter.


3. Fondue Flirting


Sharing food and drink is a great way to make a connection with someone and break down the boundaries, and fondue is about as classic as it comes for interactive wining and dining. So stock up on cheese, nibbles and wine and have a fondue feast together on a cold winter’s night. If you’re not quite at the stage of going to each other’s houses yet, book a table at a Scandinavian restaurant and tuck into some of the finest comfort food on the planet.


4. Movie Marathon


When you do finally feel it’s time to invite them over, you need an excuse other than ‘why don’t you come round to mine so we can make out?’, even if you both know that it will inevitably wind up that way. As the festive film season begins, your all time favourite Christmas movies makes a great conversation topic, and when they tell you they’ve never actually seen Miracle on 34th Street, that’s your cue to invite them to your place!


Make the most of the frosty nights and oh-so-long Christmas countdown by filling up November and December with a string of fun and romantic winter dates that won’t cost the earth but will break the ice (excuse the pun). And because we know that every penny counts at this time of year, meet that special someone through free dating online and have more money left to spend on dates and Christmas presents!


Photo Credit: LenDog64

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