5 Date Ideas that Don’t Focus on Food

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Dating can be a great opportunity to try out some of the restaurants that you’ve been meaning to go to for months. However, after a few first and second dates, your waistline will no doubt be feeling the pinch from the constant barrage of 3 courses and wine. If you’re looking for a fun first date idea that doesn’t involve copious amount of food and drink, we’ve got you covered.
Here are 5 date ideas that don’t involve a sit down meal – or food at all in fact:


1. Mini Golf


Looking for a first date activity that’s fun but not predictable, like bowling? Bring out your playful side with a round of mini golf. The perfect level of competitiveness where even the worst golfers stand a chance of getting a half decent score, it’s a great way to break the ice and get to know one another. Or, if you’re both familiar with the green, step it up with a proper round of golf instead.


2. Take a Hike


If you prefer your dates to be a little more mature, why not suggest going for a walk together? Head somewhere scenic for a day away from the crowds, with not a table for two in sight. As well as spending some time alone, a few hours of exercise will do wonders for the holiday diet if you’re avoiding restaurants for a reason.
Choose your route wisely – too short and you could be wishing you had longer together; too long and it could be a very awkward walk if things don’t go to plan!
3. Theme Park


Transform those first date nerves into adrenaline and squeals of excitement by planning a trip to a theme park. It’s almost impossible to have an awkward silence on a rollercoaster. Just be sure to check that your date hasn’t got a weak stomach before you book the tickets!


4. Spa Day


However, not all date ideas involve being on your feet or flying through the air. For something a little more romantic, there are few things more luxurious than a spa day. Your date is bound to get steamy (at least if you’re sat in the sauna) on a blissful Saturday afternoon getting pampered. And you’ll feel far better after a day in the spa than after a bottle of wine and an indulgent meal!


5. Be a Tourist


If you’ve found someone special who lives in another town or city through free online dating, this is a perfect first date idea. Become a tour guide for the day and show him or her around your favourite places, on the condition that they return the favour on the second date!


Dating doesn’t need to involve piling on the pounds. Nor does it need to be expensive. These unique date ideas are a great way to save money and watch your waistline when you meet singles online – especially when you’ve found them through free dating sites!
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