5 Date Ideas to Combat January Blues

Fun Date Ideas

January can be a dreary month for many, as the magic of Christmas fades away and we try to get back into our groove. But as more and more people join free online dating, it’s also a month full of promise for the dating community. That guy who you started speaking to on Boxing Day has finally asked you on a date, or perhaps you are the guy desperately seeking an excuse to meet that girl. Whatever the case, here are 5 fun date ideas to make January the best month of the year.


1. Learn Something New


Hobbies and interests are a great conversation topic when getting to know someone online. And if there’s a hobby or skill that your date has that you’d like to get to know (or vice versa), why not go along to a class? Even better for those who are a bit shy, choose something that neither of you have done before and take up the hobby together!


2. Winter Walk


Team up on your New Year’s resolutions and make the most of the weekend on a walk through the countryside. From winter wonderlands in Yorkshire and the US to picnics and strolls on the beach for Australia dating, wherever you are in the world walking is a great excuse to spend a few hours alone – and getting fit as you do it!


3. Festivals Down Under


For all of our Aussie members, January is a month full of summer fun for those willing to seize the day. With countless festivals all around the country over the next few months, you’re spoilt for choice with events to invite him or her too. So if things are going well and you want to really get to know your date, pick out a good line-up and snap up two tickets.


4. Cinema Trip


Call us old fashioned, but there’s something sweet about a cinema date, and we don’t just mean the popcorn. As many of us have a manic few weeks back at work in January, this date idea requires minimum effort and maximum fun. Combine with a meal or a trip to the bowling alley and you have a whole night of entertainment fixed. You can even rock up straight from work!


5. Cook Up a Storm


A little bit skint in January? Whilst you save money through free dating online, it’s a different ball game when you actually meet up. So why not invite them round for dinner? You can cook a really impressive menu for much less than the cost of a meal at a restaurant, and in a much cosier environment. However bear in mind that many people might be wary of coming to your house for a first date, so save it for the second or third.


Blast away those post-Christmas blues and make the month ahead oh-so romantic, by taking up some of these fun date ideas. From winning first dates to awesome activities that can seal the deal, we’ve got plenty of inspiration to help you get to know that special someone.


Photo Credit: Eryne!

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