5 Online Dating Myths, Busted

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many of us are searching for someone special to spend February the 14th with in a couple of weeks. But if you’re sceptical about using online dating as a way to find the perfect match, you may be missing an opportunity.


To put some perspective on common misconceptions, let’s take a look at 5 online dating myths:


Online dating is just for hook-ups


Some people join online dating for no strings attached fun – and there’s nothing wrong with that, provided that no one gets hurt. But the majority of people on dating sites are looking for more than just a fling. They want to find someone who they can spend time with, feel butterflies for, and really get to know.


With our free online dating site, you can state what you’re looking for from the outset, whether it’s friendship, marriage or romance, so that you cut out the time wasters and find someone who’s on the same page.


Everyone lies when online dating


Given the chance to weave an interesting bio and create a flattering profile, it’s tempting to present yourself in the best possible light. However, some online dating sceptics believe that this means everyone is telling lies online.


But don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions; many singletons are looking to find love through internet dating. Why hide the truth when searching for someone who loves you for who you are?


If you don’t share the same interests, you won’t click


Streamlining all of your hobbies and interests into one short profile is incredibly difficult. You may love films, football and cycling, but what about your passion for cooking, or your favourite genre of books?


Just because your profiles don’t match outright, doesn’t mean you have nothing in common. But that’s the beauty of free online dating – start a conversation and you’ll be amazed at how wrong you were!


I’m not attracted to their profile photo; they’re not my type


We know how different we can look from one picture to the next. So don’t be too quick to write someone off on their profile picture alone. They may not jump out from this photo, but that’s not to say that in real life you won’t be impressed. Besides, personality and chemistry are far more important in the long term than a beach body or movie-star looks!


Online dating relationships don’t last


Once upon a time, online dating had a reputation as a last resort for desperate singles. Now, online dating sites are a first stop for singles looking for love. But do these flings last? The statistics speak for themselves. As many as a 1/4 of online dating relationships lead to marriage, meaning it’s a serious solution for singletons seeking love.


You know the saying: don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. If you’re letting appearances, hobbies and doubt get in the way of romance, you could be missing out on the chance to make the most from your online dating site.


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