5 People You Should Never Date

People You Should Never Date

Love can be found in some pretty unexpected places, and whilst you can’t help how you feel to a certain extent, there are some times when you need to control your emotions. Sure, you may have some chemistry going on, but if it’s with any of the following people, proceed with caution. Here are 5 people you should never date, if you want to avoid a potentially awkward situation!


1. Your Co-Worker


One time or another, we’ve all had a crush on a co-worker. It’s hardly surprising – many of us spend far more time with our colleagues than we do with our family and friends. However office romances rarely end well, and no one wants their love life to be the talk of the workplace! Keep it outside of the 9-5, and you’ll be glad you resisted that snog at the office party.

2. Your Boss


If there’s anything worse than hooking up with a colleague, it’s sleeping with the boss. Whether you’ve fancied him or her from the start or you’re simply desperate for a promotion, don’t become that person. It could even jeopardise your job!

3. Your Friend


No matter how adamant you both may be that it won’t ruin your friendship, trust us, it will. Once you’ve crossed the border between friends and lovers, it’s very hard to go back. If you truly value your friendship, avoid complicating things at all costs. Unless you’re absolutely sure that he or she is your soul mate!

4. Your Housemate


Living in a house share can be intense at times, and those movie nights and hangover mornings can inevitably bring housemates very close. However a wine-fuelled night of intimacy is going to make for some awkward dynamics in the house the next day. If you want a smooth run when living in a house share, don’t let your libido get the better of you.

5. Your Friend’s Ex

Your friend may be “totally over him” or her, and maybe even in another relationship, but they’ll never be over it enough to make dating their ex acceptable. Regardless of how much water has gone under the bridge, their history of intimacy is going to make for some awkward get-togethers if you go down that road.


No matter how steamy those overtime office moments or movie nights on the sofa may get, resist the temptation to start a fling with any of these people. From upsetting your friends to awkwardness in the aftermath, steer clear of these dangerous territories and stick to blind dates instead. Struggling to meet local singles near you? Join the fun at FreeAndSingle and try 100% free dating today! What have you got to lose?



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