5 Problems Only Singletons Will Understand at Christmas

Single Problems

We’ve got a lot of love for Christmas. A time to relax, unwind and indulge until you’re fit to burst, it’s hard to find fault with the festive period. However, for singletons, it’s also a season when your relationship status is brought well and truly into the spotlight.


But remember, you’re not alone! Every year, millions of singles worldwide go through the same old questions and dilemmas – here are 5 classic problems that only singletons will understand at Christmas.


1. Justifying your singleton status


When thrown into a room with friends and relatives that you haven’t seen for months, it’s inevitable that at least one nosy individual will ask the question – ‘why is a handsome chap/pretty girl like you still single?’ And somehow, we find ourselves justifying our relationship status. This year, don’t get put on the back foot by intrusive questions – laugh it off and embrace being free and single.


2. Friends playing cupid


Sometimes, the hints that you’d be better off in a relationship are more subtle, but no less obvious. We all know why your best friend is introducing you to their distant cousin or single co-worker, so let’s not beat about the bush. Just make a note of where the mistletoe is located, so that you can steer well clear! And remember, they only have good intentions.


3. Dwindling Christmas presents


Try as you may, it’s hard not to notice the lack of gifts under the Christmas tree the year you come out of a relationship. If you’re feeling a little unloved without a pile of presents to open, why not suggest a secret Santa in the office, or amongst your single friends?


4. Being a third (fifth, or seventh) wheel


Is it just me, or does everyone seem a lot more loved up at Christmas? Suddenly, those gatherings and meals out with couples feel a lot more isolating than ever before. If you’re dreading the next meet up with your friends or family, don’t despair. Why not bring along a single friend as a plus one to keep you company?


5. Christmas festivities for one


However, the loneliest part of Christmas is the time spent by yourself: waking up alone on Christmas morning, or cooking a festive feast for one. Whilst you may feel like the only person celebrating Christmas alone, you’re one of countless singletons in exactly the same boat. Online dating is a fantastic way to combat boredom and loneliness in December, to meet likeminded people who are single – like you!


Every year, singletons around the globe encounter these classic problems, but it’s important to realise that everyone has been in this situation before. Laugh, shrug it off and remember all the reasons why you should embrace being single at Christmas. Then we promise that no amount of nagging from your Great Aunt Sue will put a damper on your spirits this festive break!

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