5 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Standing Alone

Being single is great when you want to be, but when you’re looking for love it can begin to suck. And when you’ve been on the dating scene for a few months, you may start to wonder why all that effort seems to be making no impact on your relationship status. But don’t worry, there’s always a plausible explanation. Here are a few possible reasons why you’re not having much luck.


1. You’re looking in the wrong places


Don’t believe the chick flicks, very few romances start in a cute coffee shop as you bump into one another with your takeaway cup. If you’re waiting for romance to approach you on a night out, your commute to work, or when you least expect it, you’re going to be waiting for a long time. Take control of your love life and try online dating to start meeting local singles near you.


2. You lack confidence


Before anyone can fall head over heels for you, you need to learn to love yourself. Whether you’re constantly on a diet, discontent with your wardrobe, or simply lacking confidence in your ability to attract someone awesome, the sooner you realise that nobody’s perfect, the sooner you’ll feel more confident and happy in yourself to open up to someone special.


3. Not being yourself


On a similar level, many of us try to live up to expectations and stereotypes on a first date, in order to make it past the first hurdle. But if you don’t act yourself from day one in the dating world, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Be yourself and you’ll come across far more attractive, natural and funny than if you’re pretending to be someone else.


4. You’re picky


Most of us have a ‘type’, but finding someone who fits your profile of the perfect man or woman, has the personality to match, AND likes you in return, is no small challenge. Be prepared to give someone a chance who maybe doesn’t tick the boxes on first impressions, and you could just be pleasantly surprised.


5. You’re scared of commitment


Always get cold feet after the first few dates? If you constantly talk yourself out of liking someone, it could be that you’re a little bit scared of commitment. Relationships can be pretty daunting, especially if you’ve been hurt in the past. But without overcoming your fears, you’ll never change your status from ‘single’ to ‘hitched’. Take things slow and rationalise your concerns – he or she won’t bite!


Dating rarely brings success overnight. To find love, you need to build relationships and open up to having someone new in your life. Free online dating is a great way to meet local singles near you – it could be the start of your fairytale romance!


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