5 Reasons You’re Still Single in 2014

Reasons Why You're Still Single

Christmas can be a pretty depressing time of year for us singles. ‘Why haven’t I found my very own Hugh Grant!?’ you may cry into your mug of mulled wine, or perhaps you fellas are contemplating why the perfect girl always turns out to be cuckoo. Just because you haven’t bagged your prince charming or ideal woman this year doesn’t mean you’re doomed. But if you take a second to look back over 2014, you might realise why you’re still single in December. And we’ve got some dating advice to make 2015 lucky in love.


1. Confess Your Commitment Phobia


Hands up if you’ve run a mile from someone before, simply because they were a little too keen? You could just have escaped from your soul mate without giving them a chance to show you how amazing they are. The sooner you recognise that you’re scared of commitment, the sooner you can overcome this irrational fear and give love a chance.


2. Never Judge a Book By Its Cover


Whether you meet someone in a bar or you’re searching through profiles on your online dating site, don’t be too hasty to judge someone on looks alone. Sure, we all want to date Ryan Gosling and Megan Fox in an ideal world, but have a reality check before thinking you’re too good for another person.


3. The Casual Dating Addict


If your ultimate goal is to find someone who you want to start a relationship with, stop going for ‘no strings’ flings and casual dating – play the long game instead. No one is going to take you seriously if they think you’re not taking them seriously.


4. Online Dating Profile Makeover


Not getting any responses from your online dating account? You may want to evaluate your profile to see what’s amiss. First impressions count, so from the profile picture to your bio make sure this really reflects who you are and what makes you great. It could even be that a few typos have put someone off!
5. Take the Initiative


Romance very rarely comes your way without pulling a few strings and taking the initiative yourself. Sure, you’ve taken the first step by creating a free dating account, but so have tons of other singles! Get out there and send a few opening messages to people who tickle your fancy, and you might be surprised at the results!


Don’t wallow in pity waiting for someone to whisk you off your feet and rescue your love life. Like your mother always said, it takes two to tango and if you aren’t willing to put in the effort and approach the dating scene with an open mind, then you aren’t likely to have much luck. So spend some time on your internet dating site to spruce up your profile, get talking to local singles and who knows, you could be wining and dining with a hot date sooner than you can say FreeAndSingle.


Photo Credit: Shandi-Lee Cox

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