5 Signs It’s Time To Make a Move

Online Dating

Online dating makes it easy to find likeminded singles, but when it comes to asking your match on a date, many of us bottle out at the last minute. However, it’s essential to strike while the iron is hot when chatting to local singles online, or you could risk letting the conversation fizzle out.


If you’re scared of rejection and you can’t quite tell how the person at the other end of the screen feels about you, look out for these unmistakeable signs that they are eagerly waiting for you to suggest a date.


Subtle hints


Does your match seem to be dropping hints left, right and centre? You may dismiss these hints with the logical thought that if they were serious about meeting up, they would ask you out. But don’t be too sure – it may be that your date is simply too shy to pop the question, or unsure whether you feel the same.


Natural chemistry


You’ve only been speaking for a matter of hours, but somehow your new love interest just seems to ‘get’ you, and the sparks are already flying. Ignore the rules on how long you should be talking before you ask him or her on a date. If it feels right, take the leap and pop the question.


On the brain


If you’ve been chatting for a little longer, you may have noticed a pattern… Perhaps you feel an impulse to send them a message before bed, or you wake up to a message wishing you a good morning. These are unmistakable signs that you’re on each other’s minds throughout the day, so take the plunge and ask them out to take things to the next level.


Deep and meaningful


It takes a lot of trust and courage to reveal your past experiences and deepset beliefs. So if the conversation gets serious and it doesn’t send you running for the hills, take it as a positive sign that the person behind the screen is investing their time and energy in you. Lasting relationships are built on trust and communication, so this is a great sign that you’re a match made in heaven.


A great excuse


Not quite sure whether the answer will be yes or no? You’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re looking for a good excuse to ask him or her out on a date, find an event that you know both of you will enjoy. Perhaps the film you’ve been itching to see is finally in the cinema, or there’s a new restaurant opening in town – find an excuse, and take the plunge.


Asking someone out on a date can be a daunting move, but one that you’ve got to become confident at making if you’re going to take your relationships to the next stage. Go with your gut and act when the time feels right. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

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