5 Signs You’ve Found the One

Couple Sharing Food

No relationship is all smooth sailing; you and your partner are bound to have your share of disagreements along the way. However, remember that actions speak louder than words. It’s the little things they do that make you feel special and show how much they care that make a strong or blossoming relationship stand out. So whether you’ve started dating someone new or you’re pondering the future of your current squeeze, keep an eye out for these signs to suss out whether her or she is ‘the one’.


1. PDA is A-OKAY (but don’t overdo it)


Not everyone is a fan of public displays of affection, but holding hands, a kiss on the cheek or a caress on the back can be a lovely way to reassure your partner that you care. And if your partner is comfortable showing you this kind of attention in front of their friends and family, it shows they are attuned to your needs, and proud to have you on their arm.


2. You’ve met their friends and family


Meeting your partner’s friends and family can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s also a big deal for them. If he or she views your relationship seriously, they will want their closest friends and relatives to love you as much as they do. Don’t shy away from spending time with the people that matter most to your partner – what this really means is that you are one of those people too.


3. They value your opinion


It could be a new shade of paint for their bedroom or deciding whether the Sunday roast should be chicken or lamb – whatever the question, it’s always a good sign if your partner values your input. Asking your opinion on serious topics and making sure you are comfortable with the outcome could be a sign that they see you being around for the long term.


4. You’re always in touch


No matter how busy they are, how demanding their job is or where they are in the world, it feels great knowing your partner is thinking of you when they take time out of their day to call or send a text. It takes less than thirty seconds to send someone a message, so if your partner isn’t making the effort you may want to evaluate whether they are in it for the right reasons.


5. They pay attention to the small things


The guy in Starbucks can make your coffee right so why shouldn’t the love of your life be able to remember if you take sugar or not? If someone is truly interested in you they pay attention to the little things, whether it’s buying your favourite bottle of wine for dinner, leaving mushrooms out of the pasta, or buying the orange juice with pulp because you love it. If you’ve met someone who cares about the SMALL things, that is one BIG sign that you’ve found the one!


Finding the one isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible. If you’ve recently met someone special, look out for these tell-tale signs that a relationship could be on the cards. Or, if you’re still looking for someone to whisk you off your feet, why not give online dating a go at FreeAndSingle?


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