5 Splendid Second Date Ideas

Second Date

First of all, congratulations! You’ve made it through the nerve-wracking, sweaty palm-inducing first date experience and have come out the other side with positive vibes and a second date on the cards!


Second dates are all about relaxing and enjoying the moment. You know that your date is into you, so the pressure is off. Now it’s all about getting to know each other better and having some fun!


Searching for the perfect place to take your date? Take a look at our 5 fantastic second date ideas for some romantic inspiration to help your love match blossom.



Catch a Flick


They may be a no-no for a first date, but cinema trips actually make ideal second dates. You now know your date well enough to focus on something other than them for a couple of hours – or at least try to! And whether you both love it or hate it, a film can make a great talking point. Just be sure to grab a coffee or a bite to eat afterwards so you can chat about it!


Watch a Gig


Do you and your date share a love for the same artist or band? Going to a gig is an energetic and fun activity that you can enjoy together in the comfort of a lively and social atmosphere. Stay away from the mosh-pit to avoid a trip to A&E; stick to the back of the venue where it’s easier to chat between songs.


Monkey Around


Head to the zoo for an unconventional and quirky second date. Strolling around the park will give you plenty of time to talk, while the baby animals are sure to boost the cuteness factor. Avoid the school holidays where possible and know your route. Zoos are big, busy places, so it’s good to plan ahead and decide together what you’d like to see (obviously, the penguins are a must!)


Pack a Picnic


For something a bit more romantic, why not suggest a picnic in the local park? This is a personal and thoughtful activity that allows lots of time for chatting – and eating! Grab a blanket, make some sandwiches and pray that the rain stays away!


Go Head to Head


Let your competitive streak loose and get playful with a few rounds of pool in a local bar or pub. The excitement and enthusiasm that comes with a bit of friendly competition is sure to set hearts racing and get the banter flowing. Make it interesting and place a bet – loser buys the drinks!


Whatever you get up to on your second date, make sure to take it easy and be yourself – with a little luck, it will lead to a third! And remember, all of these second date ideas can be used further down the dating line if you’re ever stuck for something to do.


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Photo Credit: Familjen Helsingborg

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