5 Things You Should Never Talk About on a First Date

First Date Rules

You did it! You bagged a date with that hottie you’ve had your eye on for ages. But now the nerves are starting to kick in. Will they like you? What should you wear? And the biggie; what on earth will you talk about? First dates are never easy and trying to fill those awkward silences can end up with you revealing embarrassing stories that would make your granny blush. Or worse.


Good conversation is key when it comes to dating. It’s true what they say; first impressions are everything and what you say matters as much, if not more than how you look.


Avoid these sticky subjects and you’ll be guaranteed a second date.


1. Your pet


Sure, it’s totally normal that you treat your cat or dog like it’s your first born child. But the fact that your little fur ball shares your bed and has a more expensive wardrobe than you may creep your date out a little. It’s fine to mention that you’re a pet owner, but try to keep the crazy cat lady rumours at bay.


2. Past relationships


Nothing kills the mood more than bringing up the topic of ex lovers over dinner. No matter how much you miss your old beau, no one wants to hear their date talk wistfully about the one that got away.


3. Future children


So you want three kids by the time you’re 35? That’s great, but don’t tell your date that. Talking about future children just isn’t first date material. You could come across as a bit desperate to settle down and reproduce. Sure, it’s important to be on the same page as potential partners, but save the subject for a later date.


4. Your diet


Whether you’re counting calories or sticking to a strict high protein plan, keep it to yourself. Diet talk can be, quite frankly, a little boring and doesn’t give off a very sexy vibe. Remember, body confidence is always attractive. If you’re meeting your date for dinner, pick something you love to eat and forget about the diet for a day.


5. Money


Remember, this is a date, not a business meeting. Bragging about how much money you make or asking your potential suitor about their earnings isn’t a great idea. It’s perfectly normal to talk about your job with a first date, but bringing numbers into the equation could make things a little awkward.


So what should you talk about on a first date? Stick to safe topics of conversation such as your upcoming holiday plans, your favourite food or the last great film you saw. Keep the conversation casual and fun. If all else fails and you’re lost for words, ask lots of questions and let your date do the talking.


The most important thing to remember on a first date is to be yourself. Just not the version that your best friend sees on a Saturday night – at least until you get to know them better! Still waiting to find someone to take on that date? Find local singles near you with FreeAndSingle.
Photo Credit: Nuno Martins

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