5 Unbeatable Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

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Confidence is key to a successful first date. A winning smile, a self-assured walk and an effortless conversation are sure-fire ways to charm your date and send sparks flying on that first encounter. But if you’re feeling down in the dumps, how do you pick yourself back up and take the plunge into dating?


Whether you’re returning to the dating game after a break-up or you’ve had a traincrash first date that’s knocked your spirits, we’ve got a few tried-and-tested ways to boost your self-confidence.


Pamper yourself


It’s easy to feel stuck in a rut when we lead busy lives. When did you last have a haircut, or treat yourself to a new outfit? Allow yourself some pamper time – whether that’s a walk in the countryside or a bit of retail therapy – and you’ll be looking and feeling a million times better in no time.


Talk to friends


Nothing combats blues better than a long catch up with a close friend. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, share your feelings with a friend and they will instantly give you 101 reasons to feel good about yourself. Your mates see the best in you even when you can’t see it yourself, so let them show you the world through their eyes and they’re bound to give your ego a boost.


Write a list


If your friends fall short of the mark, or you don’t feel comfortable broaching the subject with them, write a list of achievements and things you like about yourself. What traits, qualities and interests do you have that might attract someone to you? Prioritise the good thoughts over the bad, and you’ll soon gain some perspective.


Go on a date


A first date may seem like the very last thing you want to do right now. But pluck up the courage to ask someone out, or give that sweet-talker a chance, and you’re sure to grow in confidence over time. Even if your date doesn’t lead to romance, a night spent wining and dining with the opposite sex will remind you that you haven’t lost your touch.


Play the part


If all else fails, focus on feeling positive, and banish the negative thoughts from your mind. Learn to smile, stand tall and act with confidence, and you may be surprised how empowering it can be. And when you see the reaction of your date, you may just find that confidence comes of its own accord!


Finding your feet after a bad date or a messy breakup can be difficult, but with time, patience and bundles of positive thinking, you can learn to love yourself again. Confidence doesn’t come overnight, but smile and you’ll soon see the world smiling back.


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