5 Ways To Increase Your Desirability (to Men!)

Become Attractive to Men

If you’ve been online dating for a while, you’ll probably have a few stories to share with your friends and family, whether the dates were good, bad or just downright awful. But even the successful ones might not have led to dating someone who could potentially be ‘the one’.


So, when you do land yourself a date with a profile and photo that ticks all your boxes, that’s when it’s time to show the best of everything you have on the night. Together with your own charisma and style, we’ll give you 5 sizzling first date tips that will heighten your powers of attraction and leave any admirer longing for a second encounter.


Its All In The Colour


Forget the ‘little black dress’ – it’s been proven over the years that wearing red will make you more desirable to the opposite sex. Whilst it makes you look good and feel good, wearing red has the qualities to imitate the red flush we get when we’re excited. So go back to basics and rely on his body’s natural instincts to do the work for you.


Go Natural


Make up can play a big part in how you are perceived on a date, particularly your choice of lip colour. Your intuition might tell you to be bold with your lip gloss for maximum effect, but toning down and using a more natural colour works best. Soft reds and pinks will have a far more subtle effect and are more alluring.


A Stand Out Style


Let’s face it, who needs an excuse to get treated to a hair makeover at the salon? A date night is a great excuse for a cut, blow dry and style to maximise your look. From long curls to a tousled pixie cut, if your hair screams ‘SEXY!’, then not only will it be a real confidence boost, it will be one of the first things he notices.


Smile! Its Date Night.


A friendly and approachable personality will certainly help your charm offensive on a date, and what better way to set the tone for the evening than by flashing your million dollar smile? Smiling is contagious and releases endorphins that will put you both at ease. Relax, have fun and set your pearly whites free!


Get Animated


Simple facial movements are a great way to positively ooze seductiveness. It sounds crazy to say, but lots of blinking, nodding and shaking your head can be a tower of attractiveness to men. All are subtle signs that you’re extroverted and that is a sexy quality that men find irresistible. So get those eyelashes fluttering!


Of course, this is not an extensive list and you might not meet ‘the one’ straight away, but you can always have fun looking! To start your free dating journey, join FreeAndSingle today. Find local singles near you, put these tips to the test, and remember to have a blast!


Photo Credit: Katie Tegtmeyer

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