5 Ways to Increase Your Desirability (to Women!)

Increase Your Desirability

As most FreeAndSingle gents will know, it’s not always easy to perform well on a date. You psych yourself up to make a great first impression, but sometimes even your best efforts just don’t seem to hit home.


While the rules of attraction remain a mystery to many men, impressing a woman isn’t an exact science – well, not quite. If you’ve got a first date on the horizon, we’ve got a few dating tips to help you turn first date calamity into Casanova!


Dress for the Occasion


Whether you’ve opted for a low-key trip to the cinema or gone all guns blazing to a classy restaurant, your dress sense is going to be sized up right away by any savvy lady. Try to match your style to the location you’ve chosen, but never forget the basics – the belt must match the shoes!


Keep it casual if necessary; remember that being overdressed can also be a faux pas. And if you turn up dressier than your date it may not go down well.


Engage with Her


Plenty of eye contact when you’re talking and listening will really help to put her at ease and build a mutual connection. Show you are interested and insightful by reacting to her stories with expression and responding with questions. Making her feel desired will only increase your desirability.


Let Her Do the Talking


The ability to listen is a great quality appreciated by all of womankind! Give her time to speak rather than chewing her ear off, and that’s a big step towards a successful date. That’s not to say don’t talk at all – coming across as shy can hinder engagement. Sharing the conversation lights the path to sharing a bond.


Smell Seductive


A slightly obvious yet crucial tip, but if you smell great your appeal will increase immeasurably. Never underestimate the allure of a good aftershave. Your smell is a subtle feature that conveys vital social and personal implications – so forgetting to apply the anti-perspirant could be a catastrophe if your date lands on a warm summers evening.


Be a Gentleman


Who said chivalry is dead? Small details may be seen as old fashioned by some, but in truth these subtle displays of considerate, gentlemanly behaviour will be acknowledged and appreciated by most women. So hold the door open for her, pull her chair out, take your time over your meal and offer to pay the bill at the end, and we’ll guarantee a good response. Dating trends will come and go, but being a gentleman will never go out of style.


The thrill of dating often lies in its unpredictability, and no date is a guaranteed success. But most are great fun in their own way! If you haven’t got a date lined up, why not jump on board and see what all the fuss is about by joining FreeAndSingle today?

Photo Credit: Ben Smith

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