6 Foods You Should Never Eat on a First Date

Foods to Avoid First Date

Restaurants are a classic choice for a first date, and understandably so. The exciting buzz of fellow diners, the romantic ambience of candles and dim lighting, and as much food and drink as you can shake a stick at all make it a tried and tested recipe for getting to know someone new. But restaurants do have their downsides. After all, you’re not coming here as mates to cure a hangover with a mountain of greasy caloritious fried food. So before you go, remember not to order these 6 foods…..


1. Garlic Mushrooms


Or generally anything that has garlic in the title. Sure, you can carry a stick of gum in your back pocket to rapidly chew in the toilets before the bill comes, but a garlic-laden pile of creamy fungi isn’t going to go down well if you go in for a goodnight kiss. Save that one for the next family meal.


2. The Biggest Thing on the Menu


[Insert title here]. Whether it be the mixed grill or the king-sized burger, try to avoid going hell for leather with your menu choices on a first date. Guys, a healthy appetite can be a turn on for girls, but you don’t need to prove a point with it. And ladies, well, it goes without saying unfortunately.


3. Salad


There’s avoiding being bloated at the end of the meal, and then there’s salad. Much as you might love a good tuna nicoise for lunch at work, salad screams boring on a date when the person sat opposite you doesn’t know otherwise. You’re not a rabbit, so unless you have a list of food intolerances stay clear.


4. Shellfish


If it’s got a shell on it, say hell no to it. Trying to pick apart every morsel of that lobster or prize open a mussel might be your idea of a good time when you dine out with friends, but it isn’t very sexy for a first encounter. And heaven forbid if you accidentally flicked a piece across a table. That would be a mood killer.


5. Chicken Wings and Ribs

For basically the same reasons above, even the most delicious, BBQ sauce blathered wing isn’t worth it on this occasion.


6. Spaghetti


You might love the Lady and the Tramp scene where they wind up kissing over a plate of meatballs and spaghetti, but you need a reality check if you envisage this happening with your Bolognese. Nope, you’re much more likely to have that awkward string of spaghetti dangling from your mouth mid conversation that’s near impossible to recover from elegantly.


We know what you’re thinking, what on earth can I order on a first date then? But because you hardly know each other on this first encounter, it’s essential to make a good impression. And who knows, by the second date you could be tucking into a pile of chicken wings laughing about how you both avoided ordering them when you first met.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Kunz

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