6 Types of Singles You Meet Through Online Dating

Types of Online Daters

Everyone has their own reasons for joining online dating, as well as their own approach to getting a guy or a girl. But after being on the dating scene for a while, you’ll soon learn to pick out these 6 classic online daters.

1.  The Will-You-Marry-Me Single


You’ve been talking for less than 5 minutes, and they’ve already told you that they can imagine spending the rest of their life with you, having beautiful kids, and growing old together. Did they never hear the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race?’


2.    The Anonymous Dater


Who are these people that sign up to online dating without at least uploading a short bio or profile picture? Do they really think that you’ll agree to a date if you can gauge absolutely nothing about who they are? By failing to provide this basic information, online daters often get dismissed as potential dating scammers.


3.    The Player


Did their opening message declare how incredibly sexy you were? Do they seem to have one thing on their mind? Tread carefully when you come across a player when you try internet dating – unless you’re in it for the same reasons then you don’t want to risk getting hurt.


4.    The Blabberer


If you thought that there wasn’t possibly anything else to learn about them after reading the essay that was their online dating profile, turns out you were wrong. That chatty and conversational single might seem like a barrel of laughs at first, but you might find it hard to get a word in edgeways as they proceed to talk about me, me, me.


5.    The Dating Snob


The whole point of online dating is that it gives you the chance to find a match on more than just looks. Yet why is it that some singles still dismiss other online daters because of their profile picture, when everything else seems to click? Don’t let these dating snobs get you down, chances are they don’t have the depth to offer that all-important chemistry anyway.


6.    The Truth Fabricator


His profile said he was a lawyer in his late 20s with no kids. Then why is he telling you he’s got to dash for the school run? These online dating lies can only last so long, and you’ll soon be able to spot the tell tale signs that someone isn’t all that their profile made them out to be. That doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person – many people tell a few white lies to attract the opposite sex- but be wary in case these porkies are only the surface of bigger lies.


Online daters come in all shapes, sizes and mindsets, and taking your experience with a pinch of salt will help you to deal with different types of singles that you meet online. But when you give free online dating a try, you’ll see that amongst these comical characters there are lots of genuine people looking for love, friendship and fun… just like you!


Photo Credit: Jeremy Piehler

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