Am I Bothered?: How to Handle Online Dating Rejection

Online Dating Rejection

Rejection can be a real blow to your self-confidence, especially in the world of online dating when you could face a string of rejections in a short space of time. You worked up the courage to take the initiative and get in touch with a few singles who really ticked the boxes, and at least one of them isn’t interested. Maybe none of them are. So to draw you out of that pit of self-pity, we’re here with some uplifting online dating advice that will have you back on your game.


Step One: Forget Him/Her!


Whether they’ve made it clear from the start that they aren’t interested, the conversation dropped off in your messages, or you had a disaster first date, it’s important to take no as their final answer. If they aren’t interested now, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle by trying to change their mind; you’re more likely to embarrass yourself than convince them you truly are their perfect match. Accept the rejection, don’t push it any further, and try (hard as it may be!) to forget him or her.


Step Two: Recover Your Confidence


Everyone has different tastes in men and women – one girl’s Ryan Reynolds is another girl’s worst case scenario, so try not to take it personally if you aren’t the one for them. Just because they don’t like you doesn’t mean nobody else in the online dating community will either, it’s just a case of finding that special someone who ‘gets’ you as much as you get them. So waste no time getting back on the market and contacting other singles – a few flirty conversations will soon boost your confidence levels back up!


Step Three: Reassess Your Online Dating Activity

If you’re repeatedly facing rejection from fellow online daters, it may be that you’re approaching internet dating in a way that isn’t setting you up for success. Perhaps your first messages are a bit too forward or maybe your online dating profile needs a revamp. Take some time to evaluate your activity and profile, and where along the line you are usually getting the ‘no’ vote. You might even find that there is a relatively simple thing preventing people from giving you a chance!


Step Four: Try and Try Again

It can be surprisingly difficult to find the perfect match, both online and offline. Our soul mates are out there somewhere, but it can take a lot of work to find them. Don’t lose faith in your quest to find ‘the one,’ and you’ll be glad those other singles gave you the thumbs down when the perfect match finally crosses your path.


Pick yourself up off the ground if you’ve recently been unlucky in love online, and regain your mojo by logging into your free dating account, to find local singles near you. Online dating sign ups rocket by around 40% over January, so don’t miss out on the newest additions to the community!

Photo Credit: Kate Donaldson

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