Belle’s Diner, Melbourne

Belle’s Diner


150 Gertrude Street

Fitzroy Street 3065



Good place to take a date:


Who doesn’t love a good burger or some succulent fried chicken? But your date isn’t likely to be impressed if you rock up at a fast food joint on your date, are they? Belle’s Diner puts a dash of class into American cuisine, with a modern take on the classic 60s eatery that won’t leave a layer of grease on you when you leave. Don’t expect the greasy spoon prices either; the food doesn’t come cheap but the atmosphere and service make up for it. Feel like a film star as you tuck into traditional dishes with a modern twist that will leave you shouting ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and ensure no one goes home hungry. Perhaps not the most romantic of venues, but for a down-to-earth date where you can share in your love of good, honest food, it’s a safe bet.


Good place to meet for a first date:


Belle’s Diner has a comfortable and chilled atmosphere that makes it perfect for first dates in Melbourne. The sort of place where you don’t feel embarrassed to ask that special someone who you’ve always had a crush on to hang out, it tows the line between casual and flash very well. The décor gives the diner a more upmarket, retro look, whilst the hearty grub puts an emphasis on taste and feel-good satisfaction. What’s more, it serves food from early till late, so can fit around your plans for a perfect bite to eat any time. You might struggle picking up a date here though, so go elsewhere to meet someone first!


Belle's Diner

Belle’s Diner

Average age:

Whether you remember the good old days of watery coffee and caution-to-the-wind calorific treats, or want to whisk yourself back to the 60s that you’ve seen in the movies, Belle’s Diner brings an element of nostalgia to American cuisine. As such, it’s perfect for Melbourne dating whatever your age. No need to dress up for a date here, although you won’t stick out like a sore thumb either if you do.


Time of review:

After a long week what better way to let your hair down than by getting you chops around a good old burger? Belle’s Diner is a relaxed option for weekend Melbourne dates, and with breakfast served until 3pm, Belle’s Diner is the perfect spot for brunch for those late risers.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

If you want a cheap eat at the local burger shack, look elsewhere. Burgers cost around $16, with delicious shakes at $8.50. But if you want to impress without compromising on those irresistibly good classics, it’s the perfect middle ground. For a first date it’s a popular option, with something for everyone on the menu.


Type of cuisine:

Highlights of the Belle’s Diner menu include pulled pork, milkshakes, and the infamous peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake. Any Pulp Fiction fans will have a field day soaking up this menu. Whilst the selection of dishes isn’t extensive, it covers all of the bases and is sure to offer something that will get your taste buds excited on your Melbourne date.


Final word:

Do the twist and shake as you delve into your favourite dishes at Belle’s Diner. A casual eatery that can rise to the occasion for the Melbourne dating scene, it’s a reliable and honest option to enjoy good food and great company.