Body Talk: Flirting 101

Sometimes, things get in the way of admitting that you like someone. Maybe you’re nervous to the point of shaking, possibly you’re scared they won’t return the feelings. Sometimes the moment is never right for your big confession, other times you’re just never alone together, always surrounded by friends and unable to just talk.


That’s where body language and flirting come into their own as a tool to let the other person know you’re into them.


Here are some great tips on flirting to follow on your next date!


– Let your gaze wander over their face, from their eyes, to their mouth and briefly flick down over their body before returning to their eyes.


– If you’re ready to make your intentions abundantly clear, allow your gaze to rest on their lips every so often for a little longer than you would usually look at someone’s mouth.


– Talking of looking at mouths (!), a natural smile is the biggest turn-on. Let them know you like them by smiling at them frequently, so they know you are enjoying their company.


– You know the old adage; eyes are the window to the soul? Well, cast them communicative looks with your eyes, then glance away and smile. Keep meeting their eyes and smiling – just don’t lock stares, that’s plain creepy.


– Every time you move your hands, you are drawing attention to yourself and what they are doing. A finger on your lips, a subtle ruffle or twirl of your hair, brushing your forearm or collarbone – all these movements show your sensuality.


– Relax. If you try too hard, you’ll end up staring at their mouth, laughing hysterically and yanking your hair. If you can calm down in their presence, you’ll start to flirt naturally with little effort.


Have a great date and let us know how your flirting goes in the comments!


Brushing your hands over your hair draws attention to your face