First Dates

First dates put a lot of pressure on singletons, as your only chance to make a first impression with a day or night that (you hope) they won’t forget. A swanky meal at a restaurant may be a safe bet, but if you really want to leave them curious for more, it’s time to think outside the box. But don’t give yourself a headache, we’ve come up with 5 unusual first date ideas that will help you wow your date with something a little bit different…


  1. Get Active


It isn’t hard to understand why many of us feel nervous about sitting face-to-face with someone you’ve only just met. Bust those nerves and make some moves by getting active on your first date instead. Surfing is a great choice for Australian dating, whilst almost every city has a rock climbing centre where you can lay the foundations for a fun relationship. The less experience you have, the funnier it will be, so don’t worry if you’re a total amateur!


  1. Cookery Class


Instead of searching for things to talk about as you tuck into food in a restaurant, why not get hands-on with your date and whip up some culinary delights together? Bring up foodie interests during your online dating conversation, and if you share a passion for a certain cuisine, seize the opportunity to find cookery classes in your local area. You’ll soon turn up the heat as you work as a team in the kitchen.


  1. Local Gig

    Music is a great conversation starter when getting to know someone through online dating, so if you happen to share the same music taste then why not invite him or her along to a local gig? Arrive early to share a drink and have a chat before the music starts blaring, and when the act begins you’ll have much less pressure on finding things to talk about! You may even get a chance to dance…


  1. Theme Park

    Want to find someone as fun-loving as you? What better way to put your potential suitor to the test than by inviting them along to a fair or theme park? You’re never too old to enjoy a few rides, and guys you can show your strength by winning a big teddy for her to take home. A great activity for summer, you’ll soon suss out whether they have a playful personality on a theme park first date.


  1. Comedy Night

    Beyond appearances and interests, sense of humour is a crucial factor in determining how well we match with the opposite sex. Free online dating is a great way to get to know someone, but you won’t know until the first date whether you really find him or her funny. Head to a comedy gig to see if you click, for a night filled with laughter – and hopefully some romance!


We love these unique dates ideas as a way to make your first encounter memorable. So why not suggest one of these activities to someone you’re falling for online? Got any other great suggestions? Let us know!