Celebrities Who Love Online Dating

Celebrity Dating

Curled up on the sofa watching a chick flick in your onesie, it’s easy to feel like celebrities are super-human beings who always get lucky in love. However, beyond the red carpets and big screens, many of our favourite celebrities are just like us.
With a staggering one in five relationships now starting online, it isn’t hard to see why celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon with dating sites. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at the celebrities who love online dating as much as we do.


Hilary Duff


A star that has graced some of the best-selling romcoms across the years, you’d think that Hilary Duff wouldn’t struggle to get a date in the celebrity world. However, this Disney star is a keen online dater, who regularly makes the first move on men who take her fancy! Good for her – why wait for guys to take the initiative?


Patrick Schwarzenegger


He may have hooked up with the likes of Miley Cyrus (and reportedly Rihanna too!), but it seems that love isn’t always where you might expect to find it. Hollywood heart throb Patrick Schwarzenegger is known to use dating apps to find local singles.


Amy Schumer


If you read our celebrity dating news this month, you’ll know that Amy Schumer found love through online dating. Currently one of the biggest stars in Hollywood after the success of her movie Trainwreck, it’s reassuring to see that Amy found her match with a furniture maker who had no claims to fame (until now!).


Orlando Bloom


Don’t be too quick to write off that regular guy with the outdated or even non-existent profile photo…. It could just be someone famous! Orlando Bloom is known to have used online dating sites in the past, albeit using a fake name to avoid flocks of messages and invitations!




She may have international stardom and record-breaking albums, but off stage Adele is proud to be a down-to-earth Mum and Londoner. So she certainly doesn’t see herself as above online dating sites – before meeting current boyfriend Simon Konecki, she regularly logged online to find singles in her area.


Jamie Laing


Made in Chelsea playboy Jamie Laing certainly has no trouble getting the girls. But when it comes to finding a date, he finds online dating sites just as effective as we do. Whether he’s looking for no strings attached fun or someone to take on his next ski trip, he’s constantly flirting with singletons online.


Online dating is no longer a last-ditch attempt to find true love; it’s a popular way to meet local singles for fun, friendship and flirting. Start your online dating journey today, and who knows – you could be hooking up with someone who’s already quite familiar….

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