Celebrity Dating: Couples To Keep An Eye On In June

Celebrity Dating

Hello, celeb-watchers! We’ve been eagerly studying blossoming relationships in the celebrity world, as we observe the lives of rich, good-looking, famous people sharing smooches and bank accounts. Keeping tabs on our favourite couples isn’t hard when the summer months encourage stars to come out and play more often.

There’s plenty of cause for joy and the occasional bit of heartbreak as new developments hang on the celebrity grapevine like ripe, pluck-able fruit. Let’s grab a handful, and see what’s been happening on the dating scene as June rolls around…

Absolutely Scandalous

Trust the fictional daughter of Jennifer Saunders to do things her own way! Julia Sawalha, who’s reprising her role as Saffy in the Absolutely Fabulous movie, has found love in the strangest of places.

Sound engineering isn’t known for its amorous qualities, but a technician on the film set has won her heart, despite being 17 years her junior. We’re super glad for her though, since she’s opened up about terrible relationships in the past. They’re five months in and barely spend a day apart.

Shake Her Off

Alas, a match made in heaven has come apart at the seams. Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are no more, citing a natural slippage of what they used to feel for each other, with Harris reportedly taking the decision to end it.

It’s strange, because only two months ago we were gushing about Taylor’s besotted acceptance speech at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Things move fast in celeb land, so maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised. The 26-year old singer is now hot property in singledom once again.

A Date to Dye For

Ahhh, Scarlett Moffat, you can do no wrong… quite apart from lighting up homes on Gogglebox, the plain-speaking Geordie showed off her dazzling new hair on Instagram before heading out with her beau to a restaurant.

For someone who seems permanently 16, we’re surprised she’s gone with a quartz-grey look, but it suits her very well. Here’s hoping she’ll stay adorable forever, and that fine dining gives her the appetite for more off-handed quips.

Lovers Assemble

How many of you have seen Chris Evans as Captain America and thought, Christ, he’s handsome, but I wouldn’t know what to do with him!? Fellow actress Jenny Slate had the same idea when she met Evans on-set of the new Marc Webb movie.

Turns out he’s just like the rest of us, and they’re officially dating, eagerly spilling the beans on Anna Faris’ podcast. Their children are guaranteed to have jaw lines encompassing half the Western hemisphere.

As the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp split rages on in the headlines, it’s good to remember that famous couples can treat each other with respect, affection, and as much dignity as living in the spotlight gives to you. There’s plenty of scope for you to have your own superstar romance too, so join FreeAndSingle for the first steps to your dream date.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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