Celebrity Dating: Couples to Keep an Eye on in November

Celebrity Dating News

As the season of summer flings seems just a distant memory, November is the time to start thinking about who you’re going to be cuddling up to when it gets cold, or who will be treating you like royalty on December the 25th. So what’s been going on in Hollywood since we last gave you the lowdown on celebrity dating gossip? Let’s take a look at the couples (and singles!) to watch in November.


Kardashi-Mum Dating


As coverage of Kim Kardashian is normally as big as her incredible behind, it’s refreshing to hear the news of the woman who she got her looks from instead. After splitting with her husband just a few months ago, Kris Jenner hasn’t stayed single for long.


The 58-year-old star has been spotted with 41-year-old Corey Gamble, and though he may be a bit of a toy boy with the 17-year age gap, he’s been applauded with approval from the rest of the Kardashians so far. No matter who you are and how old you are, divorced dating is a great way to bounce back from heartbreak, you hear!?


Mix Up the Styles


Harry Styles has sparked a media furore after saying that he didn’t think gender was important in a relationship. When he and Liam Payne were asked what things they liked in a girl, Harry dismissed Liam’s comment that being female was essential for a start. As you’d expect, the social media bees have been well and truly buzzing around the honeypot. But what does it matter whether he’s straight, bisexual or attracted to mermaids?


Benedict Cumberbatch Marries


In a digital age, online dating, social media and technology make finding the one so much easier. But there’s something to be said for sticking to a few traditions along the way, and we absolutely love the latest stunt by heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch. Ok, so he may not be on the market for all of us Sherlock fans anymore, but his old school newspaper announcement of his engagement to Sophie Hunter has melted our hearts in a good way. Who said that romance was dead, eh!?


Great Minds Think Alike


Also in the news this week, Jessie J and Luke James are official. These two singer-songwriters seem like a match made in heaven for each other, and Jessie J certainly seems over the moon about how much they have in common. Finding similar people in Hollywood might be a whole lot easier than for the average Joe, but that’s where online dating sites come in for us humble homo sapiens, right?


If you want to feel as loved up as these lucky celebrity couples this month, give your online dating profile a new look for November by uploading a new photo, adding some flair to your bio, and being proactive in finding the perfect match! And don’t forget to share your success stories with us if you do find someone special on FreeAndSingle! That’s all for now, get the next edition of celebrity dating news in December.


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