Choosing a Restaurant for a First Date

Choosing a Restaurant

Restaurants are a classic choice for a first date, allowing you to get to know one another over good food and drink, in a mutual setting. But your choice of restaurant can have a huge impact on the date itself; a table for two in a fast food joint isn’t going to go down well with your partner. What should you look for when searching for a good first date spot? We’ve got a few tips to help you find the perfect restaurant.


Stuck in the Middle With You


Although your date is unlikely to be impressed if you choose a burger bar for your first date, picking the priciest, most show-stopping spot may not have the desired effect either. A swanky restaurant may show that you’ve got cash to flash and that you’re really eager to please, but it puts a lot of additional pressure on the date.


Save the top-of-the-range restaurants for when you’re certain he or she is the one, and choose a halfway house for the first date. A bistro or popular local restaurant will show that you’ve got a good taste in dining, without scaring them off.


Pick Your Menu Wisely

You might be a sucker for sushi, but unless you’ve both revealed your love of raw fish on your online dating conversation, it’s not a very safe bet for a first encounter. If you haven’t discussed your favourite foods, choose a restaurant with a lot of choice on the menu, so that you don’t leave your partner agonising over what they can eat when you should be concentrating on each other.


Take Your Time

If all goes to plan, you and your date will be chatting away for hours as you span out your evening to make the most of your time together. So choose a restaurant where this will be possible. A noodle bar where the service is fast, for example, might see you settling the bill before you’ve even got past the formalities. Pick a restaurant where you can take your time, with several courses and perhaps even after dinner drinks if it’s really going well.


In the Mood for Romance


Whilst a candlelit restaurant full of couples may be a little intimidating, you do want to choose somewhere that has a good ambience for a first date. You may struggle to hear one another in a noisy restaurant and bar, but a bit of hustle and bustle will help to ease the nerves. Avoid the busiest spots on weekends, but if your date is on a weeknight you have more freedom to choose somewhere lively.


Still undecided about what restaurant to choose for your first date? Ask him or her for a second opinion! Pick a few potential spots and let them decide – they’ll appreciate playing a part in the process.


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Photo Credit: Kamal Hamid

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