Christmas Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Christmas Dating

Let’s be honest, being single over Christmas sucks. From family gatherings to cold nights by the fire, it seems that every single activity requires the opposite sex during the festive season. But don’t let your desire to find someone who will shower you with gifts and attention in December cloud your judgement when it comes to love and romance. FreeAndSingle has a few Christmas dating do’s and don’ts to make your love life run smoothly this season.


Don’t: Get with your co-worker or boss at the office party. You might be gunning for a kiss under the mistletoe but the only gift you’ll be receiving if you do is an embarrassing memory and perhaps a few awkward texts the next day.

Do: Sign up to free dating online  if you’re looking to meet someone new. Not only will you have someone to do couply things with over the festive period, but when you’ve had enough of the family you can chat to singles who aren’t only interested in what’s on TV.


Don’t: Go mad buying them gifts if you’ve only been on a date or two. You could easily scare someone off in the early days, or at the very least make them feel embarrassed if they haven’t done the same.


Do: Give them a token present such as a bottle of wine, a jokey stocking filler, or sweet treats to show your thoughtful side without making a declaration of love about it.


Don’t: Bring them along to your family Christmas dinner, however they might be. Save the big day for catching up with your nearest and dearest, instead of putting the focus on your new date. Wait until you’re absolutely sure before introducing your date to the family.


Do: Send them a message or give them a call on Christmas day. Preferably before you polish off the rest of the port. And if you want to see them, arrange a fun date to fill that dead period between Christmas and New Year!


Don’t: You might be feeling a little lonely in December, but don’t force the issue of trying to find a date before the end of the year. After all, it’s better to be single, free and loving life than stuck with someone who isn’t your type.


Do: Spend the Christmas period focusing on being social, both offline and online. When you’re having fun and flirting you’re much more likely to be attractive to the opposite sex, so embrace online dating and social plans and you’re sure to stumble across someone special.


In your effort to find a date over December, remember to keep it fun, light-hearted and uncommitted during the festive season. You want to make the most of this activity-packed month, and spend it getting to know someone who is really worth your time, not diving headfirst into a relationship.


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Photo Credit: Lotte Grønkjær

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