Dating Profile Phrases and Pointers

One of the hardest things to do when starting to internet date is writing your profile.


I’ve written about how to make your online dating profile stand out from the crowd; first in these Five Top Tips for Online Dating and then again in Avoiding the Dating Profile Pitfalls


I was scanning through the profiles popping up on the main page of Free and Single and a few things really caught my eye – not in the least because I was thinking about this article from the BBC…


Are you guilty of bringing these cliches and empty sayings into your dating profile? Are you actually making yourself sound boring by trying to hard to sound exciting?


Tips for Sprucing Up your Dating Profile in 2014

  • Be specific – don’t sit on the fence and declare how you ‘listen to all sorts of music, everything really.’ No-one loves all types of music. No-one! Hate folk songs? Say so – there is no need to be aggressive about it, just focus on what you do like instead.
  • Have you seen those awkward, generic sentences that start off with things like; ‘Well, here we go. Not sure how this works…’ Can it. That type of introduction says you are nervous, intimidated and filled with trepidation. It also says you aren’t sure of what you want and from my point of view, if you aren’t completely sure that you would like to meet new people, have fun and go on dates or start a relationship, then what are you doing on a dating website?
  • Try really really hard to let your profile speak about the real you. Don’t use it as a soapbox to vent about ‘stupid soap opera’s’ or ‘the damned bureaucracy’. No-one wants to date an angry, intolerant person.
  • It seems blindingly obvious but here’s a good’un: Don’t lie. Not about your age, your height, your weight, your salary (why are you discussing your salary on a dating profile anyway? Romantic much?) Stick to the truth and you’ll have much better, genuine success.