Decision Time: How Do You Know It’s Serious?

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As much as we like to proselytize about the joy of the dating game, every player has a goal in sight – to find the man or woman they’ve been waiting for, sometimes without knowing it. There comes a point when casual meetups evolve into a genuine connection, and you can hang up the dating stripes for good, like a war veteran or ageing sports star with glory in their eyes.

But how to decode those decisive signals? Let us guide you through some signs that it’s getting serious…

You touch each other, a lot

Instinctively, you reach over and brush a stray hair from her lip. She snakes her fingers into yours when you’re peering into a shop window. Bodily contact is the surest sign of chemistry; first dates tend to limit it, but subsequent meetings may blossom into an unconscious parade of light touches. Kissing, of course, comes into play, but it can feel arbitrary if you only do it when you’re saying goodbye. Regular hugs do just as much for intimacy.

You share what makes you happy

Be it random posts on Buzzfeed, musical Spotify nuggets, or social media posts that make you cringe… A couple that’s meant to tango will spontaneously send their partner various things to lighten up their day. The internet has recalibrated age-old symbols of devotion, but that doesn’t make them any less endearing. If you find yourself desperate to show your bae a video of juggling dog, you’re falling for them in a big way.

Staying over is second nature

Deep breaths are mandatory when a partner first spends the night. Even suggesting it can give you goose-bumps and heart murmurs that shake your voice a little. Once you’ve shared a bed together, though, you might slip into a natural rhythm of weekends at one another’s houses. If you feel at ease staying over, you may have found The One.

Conversations never stop

This applies to talking face-to-face, but specifically the amount of contact you have when you aren’t together. Random texts at 3 in the morning, coupled with the odd phone call to ask how their day has been, suggests you’re as addicted to their presence as a dog-lover is to walks with their pooch (which, it turns out, isn’t bad for relationships either).

You might want to exercise some restraint – constant attention can tread the line into being annoying and neurotic – but the important thing is you think about their voice, their messages, how their idiosyncrasies drive you mad with desire.

We all want to take our dating hats off eventually, and just relax into an amazing match. While we can’t promise it’ll be an easy journey, when your efforts pay off the rewards will be sweet. So discover free dating today; don’t wait for someone to come to you, and stay positive, because you never know what you’ll find out there!

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