Extroverts and Introverts: How to Harmonise in Dating

Extroverts and Introverts Dating

Some people thrive in social situations that are hard for others to even think about. It’s tempting to house everyone in the ‘extrovert’ or ‘introvert’ camp when it comes to interpersonal matters, but this obviously isn’t 100% the case. However, dating can make the distinction more apparent, relying as it does on showing someone who you really are in a one-on-one situation.

Whether you’re outgoing or shy, loud or quiet, we have some advice for you if you’re faced with the opposite temperament on a first date…
Give Them Room

Lack of conversation can quickly become a chasm that sinks any sense of romance. It’s worth judging your date’s preference for talk or contemplation, rather than just prescribing what’s natural to you.

An extrovert might talk constantly because they are comfortable with it; introverts could be considering their words carefully, so don’t think they’re being rude if they stare silently at the wine list. Empathising and adapting your preconceptions will mean you’ll find a rhythm that suits both of you.
Find a Balance

Ingenuity is attractive, and coming up with spontaneous dating ideas will keep the pulse racing between you. Some people, however, really hate deciding what to do. This isn’t a sign of boredom – rather, they probably like you so much that they don’t care where you go, or they trust in what you’ll choose.

It’s important then for a decision-making imbalance to not be an issue. Having one person lead the partnership shouldn’t be frustrating if you get loads of good memories out of it.
Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Your extroverted date has been mentioning their mates a lot, so much so that you wonder if they can exist apart from them. Strangely enough, your date might have similar reservations if you haven’t talked about your friends at all: “Is this person able to open up?” they’ll wonder.

Shy people will get around to telling you about those who matter to them when it’s the right time. Conversely, don’t judge an extrovert too much for their bravado. They’re just reflecting how vital it is to have a continuous string of people in their life, which can be a good thing if you’re looking for a loyal partner.
Fire and water; ying and yang. Contrast is a beautiful thing. As much as dating is said to rely on being in the same mould, equally as many couples flourish by combining separate strengths and attitudes. You can find great peace being with an introvert, or unleash your wild side with someone who charges into situations without a backward glance. Combining the two is more complex and, to be honest, more genuine than we give our personalities credit for.

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