How to Attract Women on Dating Sites

How to Attract Women Online

They say that women are from Venus, and men are from Mars, and it really can feel like it when creating your online dating profile or writing that all important first message. Knowing what women want and how to attract the perfect match can be a tricky puzzle to figure out, but it’s not impossible. So whether you are new to free online dating or you’re struggling to find success with your current approach to internet dating, then take some advice from the experts at FreeAndSingle to up your game.


The Perfect Gentleman


Every woman is different, but the majority expect the man to make the first move in any dating situation. However when writing your opening message you need to think carefully about what to say to draw them in. Remember, this woman doesn’t know anything about you or who you are, so comments such as ‘hey baby, your profile is looking sexy’ are only going to give them the impression that you have one thing on your mind. However being over the top with compliments and how perfect a match you think you could be will also scare them off and sound creepy. Be polite and friendly in your opening message, pay a compliment if you like but don’t go overboard, and think of something interesting to ask or tell them that will encourage them to reply.


Creating Your Online Profile


Online dating has changed the ball game with relationships, and women are increasingly prepared to get in touch with a man who she thinks might be perfect for her. Besides, a woman is sure to check your profile before replying to your message if you make the first move. That’s why you need to create an online profile to attract women, and spend some time choosing an appropriate photo and making an interesting bio.



One of the key things to bear in mind when doing this is to make your profile approachable – you don’t want to sound desperate, but nor do you want to sound like a player who is in it for the wrong reasons. Focus on what makes you fun in your bio – your interests, cool facts about you, favourite things – and avoid giving them your life story. Make them want to learn more about you. Meanwhile, it’s essential to have a photo, and to choose a photo that is natural, cool, and recent. One of you on holiday, for example, rather than a blurry, startled webcam shot that will make them think you never get off the computer.



Women can be complicated creatures, but if you try to see online dating from their perspective, then you’ll have a much better chance at success online. Creating a profile that is cool but approachable, fun and interesting is far more likely to get the right response than messages and profiles that are sexualised where men are concerned. So whip yours into shape and see if you notice the results!

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