How to Help Your Mate Get a Date

How to Help Your Mate Get a Date

A good friend isn’t just a shoulder to cry on or someone fun to hang out with. Looking out for their interests in less obvious aspects of their life can also show that you are there for your mate. Not everyone wants a friend who will set up blind dates and help them get hitched, but if yours is on the lookout for love, then you can play a positive role in helping them succeed. Here’s how you can play Cupid in their quest for romance.


Get Them Online


You might think that your work colleague or cousin is the perfect match for your single mate, but don’t be too quick to set up a blind date. Firstly, we all know how awkward these set ups can be, and just because they might be made for each other on paper doesn’t mean they’ll click face to face. And secondly, if it does go somewhere but ends in tears, it will be you in the awkward position of middle man. Instead, why not set them up with free online dating to see what they think of the experience? With no membership fees and plenty of local singles online, they can soon set up a date and see if internet dating suits them.
Boost Their Ego


Whether they’ve just come out of a long-term relationship, or they don’t seem to be having any luck on the dating scene, it’s easy to doubt yourself when you’re single. Which makes your role as a mate crucial in helping them build up confidence and give them faith in their ability to get a hot date. Ladies, go shopping with your girl to help her find a new outfit, or book a trip to the salon together to revamp your styles for the season ahead. Fellas, there’s nothing wrong with claiming a girl was giving him the eye when you are out and about to boost his confidence!


Help Them Blossom


Sometimes the reasons why you aren’t finding success in love can be impossible to work out yourself, but obviously to those around you. So although as a friend you want to give them as much support and confidence as possible, you are also one of the few people who can offer constructive criticism. If you think their online dating profile sucks, they are too quick to judge the opposite sex, or that they could really benefit from a new look, broach the issue tactfully and they might thank you eternally when they notice the difference!


Call yourself a wingman, Cupid, or simply a good friend, offering a little advice and support as your single mate looks for love can go a long way in helping them find the one. Not everyone is a natural when it comes to meeting the opposite sex, especially if they lack confidence. But by giving them a boost, and if necessary some friendly advice, you can ensure that they find a keeper.


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