How to Impress This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day may be sickeningly soppy and incredibly cliché, but with love in the air it’s the perfect time to make a move on that special someone, and reveal your romantic side. Whether you’re still browsing local singles through online dating, you’re preparing for a first date, or love is already beginning to blossom, there are plenty of ways to impress the opposite sex without breaking the bank.


If you’re looking to woo the apple of your eye this Sunday, we’ve got some inspiration that will get you in the mood for romance….


A romantic gesture


Going on a date this Valentine’s Day? Don’t turn up empty handed. Whether you bring a rose, bottle of bubbles or a box of chocolates, if there’s any day of the year where it’s okay to be a little cliché, it’s February the 14th. If you’re in charge of planning the date, use your initiative and incorporate a few surprises along the way. Their favourite wine on ice at the table? Now that’s a winning touch.


Send a compliment


However, for those of us who will be spending Sunday alone, Valentine’s Day can be pretty depressing. So brighten up the day of a fellow singleton, by sending a compliment that will make them feel special. A short and sweet message saying how attractive, interesting or downright sexy you think they are is bound to put a smile on the face of any single man or woman.


Write a poem


If you’re feeling creative, go the extra mile and write a poem that will show how much you’ve been thinking of that special someone. It could be a simple haiku, a tongue-in-cheek limerick or a short poem that pops into your head, but spend some time stringing together a few lines that will showcase your personality. By including a few quirky details from your online dating conversations, you’ll show that you’ve been paying attention.


Create a playlist


Words not your strong point? Not a problem. For something a little different, create a playlist with songs that you know your date loves, or think he/she would like. If you’ve already discussed your favourite music, this is a fun and personal way to impress your partner, without spending a penny! Make a playlist on Spotify that you can share online, or go retro with a CD mixed by yours truly.


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to whisk your date off their feet and make romance blossom in a new relationship. So use this opportunity to indulge your inner romantic, and you won’t be disappointed with the response.


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