How to Make a Great Impression on a First Date

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Have you ever been on a first date and then wondered why they didn’t call you afterwards? Perhaps the spark just wasn’t there, or maybe it was something you did that got in the way of blossoming romance. You only get one chance to make a great first impression, but we often let nerves and pressure get the better of us and blow our chances of love when we meet someone new.


If you want to impress on your next first date, be prepared. Put our five tips into practice and they’ll be dying to see you again!


Turn up on Time


Get your date off to a great start by arriving at the time you agreed, not half an hour later. You may think it’s cool to be fashionably late, but keeping your date waiting isn’t very courteous and will make a bad first impression. If you’re hoping that your first date will be the start of something special, show them a little respect by being on time.


Dress to Impress


Like it or not, most people judge a date by how they look and what they wear. Don’t let a terrible choice of clothing ruin your chances of a second encounter. When preparing for a first date, pick your outfit wisely. Dress smartly to show that you’ve made an effort, but wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident so you can relax and have a good time. Ladies, avoid anything too revealing if you want to see him again.


Keep the Conversation Upbeat


When meeting someone for the first time, aim to keep the topic of conversation as light-hearted as possible. Complaining about work-related problems or revealing personal issues will ruin the mood and could scare off a potential partner. Remember, a first date is supposed to be fun, so stick to safe subjects and stay positive.


Don’t Let it Drag


First dates are a great way to get to know each other and judge the chemistry between you and your love interest, but if you want to make a great impression, try to keep your first meeting short and sweet. Not only will this prevent your conversation from fizzling out, but it will leave him or her wanting more. Suggest meeting for drinks or a coffee and keep the long, romantic dinner for the second or third date.


End on a Good Note


If things are going well, make sure your date ends positively. Don’t be over-eager but do be open and honest. When you’re saying goodbye, let your date know that you had a great time and you would love to see them again. If he or she feels the same way, they’ll definitely be in touch.


Meeting someone for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, but with our strategies for success you can turn those daunting first dates into long-lasting connections. Sign up to FreeAndSingle and find that special someone to go on a first date with.


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