How to Make Online Dating Romantic

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Technology is endlessly adjusting how we live our everyday lives. The internet especially has changed how we talk, work, shop, and most importantly – how we date, flirt and romance one another!


The traditional love letter once so synonymous with courtship seems largely a thing of the past. And whilst online dating opens up a world of opportunity to meet local singles, swiping, quick chats and profile-scrutinising before two people have even met make it much harder to whisk your date off their feet with grand gestures.


So we got to thinking – is it possible to bring a touch of old-fashioned romanticism to the online dating world? Let’s explore a few ideas!




The portrayal of emotions and ideas through verse has for centuries been used as a form of wooing by talented and passionate ladies and gentlemen. And after the recent revelations of Wayne Rooney’s romantic writing escapades, we think poetry could be ready for a comeback! So next time you’re flirting with a potential new match, or planning a showstopper second date, why not throw out an amorous, funny or even cheeky passage of verse? We’re sure it will be received well.




Emoticons are a great example of how our communication is changing. Studies are increasingly showing that younger generations are often more comfortable describing their feelings with emoticons than through written word. What’s more, the sheer number of emoticons available is now almost limitless, so you can express virtually any emotion in a cute, charming, funny or serious way.


And whilst many of you may be cynical as to whether emoticons can really be romantic, try sending your new date an electronic rose one morning. They’re sure to be charmed!


Chat Etiquette


Despite more people connecting electronically around the world via dating websites and apps, chat rooms and IM’s, it seems the rule book on romantic online etiquette is yet to be written. When sparking up a conversation with a potential new match, you never know which way it’s going to go – so why not change the usual cheesy chat up line for a more natural approach that gives them a glimpse of the real you?


Ask them how their day has been, and if they have time to chat, to tell you a bit more about themselves. Showing you’re genuinely interested in getting to know that person will always be appreciated.


Is romance dead? We think not. It’s purely evolving and adapting to the modern and globally-connected world we live in, with plenty of opportunity to make the opposite sex feel special. So whether you fancy yourself as a wordsmith or an emoticon whizzkid, next time you connect with a match why not try to whisk them off their feet before you even meet?


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