Is Marriage Dead?


Marriage has changed significantly over the past 50 years; more so perhaps than in the previous 5000! And whilst many still view matrimony as a vital component of their values and life, an increasing number of happy couples are choosing to shun nuptials altogether in the belief that marriage is not the be-all and end-all.


So as we move further from tradition towards a contemporary society, has what was once a religious and ceremonious lifelong bonding of two human beings turned into just another excuse for a party? We look at both sides of the coin:


Marriage is dead.


The gradual decline in religious practices amongst younger generations has contributed towards a view of marriage as an outdated institution. Divorce no longer appears to be a taboo, and many couples regard wedlock as something they can walk out of if things don’t work out. After all, why should it take a piece of paper to prove one’s love?!


Whereas previously the majority of the population dedicated themselves to a lifetime of sacred monogamy, nowadays young people tend to prefer the freedom of being single and the fun of dating in the search for ‘the one’!


Life for many is now about experiences, financial success and social prowess, with marriage seemingly getting in the way of the dating generation’s idea of recreation. The average age of wedlock is being perpetually pushed back, with people putting career, travel, and even having kids of optimum priority before tying the knot. Has marriage simply become a formality, a box that has to be ticked once the bucket list is one step closer to completion? Some may agree, some may believe otherwise…


Long live marriage!


Conversely, one could argue that the bond of spousal alliance is growing stronger than ever before. Many dated, primitive and often draconian traditional beliefs related to marriage (and frequently women) have fortunately been lost to history. Companionship, communication, love and caring are central to a modern partnership.


While a wedding day was once determined by social, economic or political connections and defined by religion, it is now a personal celebration custom to each pairing. Couples have a unique opportunity to showcase their love, and celebrate their bond with a huge wave of festivities involving their nearest and dearest!


Engagement parties, weekend-long hen/stag do’s, opulent wedding blowouts, followed by the customary romance of annual anniversaries would all suggest that marriage is a tradition that is very much alive and kicking and in an ever-more celebratory fashion.


And let’s face facts, after all the fun and games of dating and partying our youth away, we still attach a huge amount of importance to finding ‘the one’.



Whether you still hold dear the traditional views on marriage or believe that matrimony has had its day, there’s plenty of fun to be had on the winding road to true love! Find like-minded singles who share your views on FreeAndSingle.


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