Key Milestones in a New Relationship

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There are few things in life so exciting as a blossoming relationship. Entering a dizzying world of butterflies, nervous laughter and new experiences, the ‘honeymoon period’ is not only one of the most enjoyable parts of romantic life, it’s also one of the most important.


While the beginning of a relationship can be disorientating, there are a handful of moments that all new lovers experience, which mark definite milestones in your time together. Here, we take a look at four key milestones in a new relationship, considering what they mean for you and your new-found mate.


The First Kiss


The first kiss is the first defining moment of any relationship. Romantic feelings, lingering looks, late night texts – these things are all suggestive of a budding relationship, but none of them alone is enough to take the leap. Not until your first kiss can you both be sure that your relationship has taken the incredible step from friendship to… well, something else entirely.


Meeting the Friends


However much time you’re spending together and however smitten you feel, no relationship feels truly serious until you’ve met one another’s best friends. The process can be daunting at first, feeling as though you’re on an audition, but the importance of this step goes both ways.


Meeting somebody’s friends can tell you a great deal about them. Not only do you get to see how the new apple of your eye behaves around their closest pals, but you can also get a clearer picture of their daily life.


The First Sleepover


Most milestones in our relationships happen at fairly regular intervals. But if there’s one milestone whose place in your timeline is not easily placed, it’s the first sleepover.


There’s no denying that the first night you spend together creates an irreversible bond. While this usually means hugely positive things for your relationship, this is also reason to be careful. If the first kiss is an experiment, a “let’s see what happens” moment, then your first night together is a statement which says “we both want this to happen”.


Meeting the Parents


Probably the most nerve-racking of all the milestones comes a little later on in most relationships – meeting the parents. Whether your new partner only sees their folks once a year or is on the phone with them every night, there’s no denying the importance of this meeting. Most of us lend a good chunk of weight to our parents’ opinions. Making a good impression on the parents of the one you’re falling for, therefore, couldn’t be much more crucial.


All of these milestones can be daunting, but more than anything else, they should be exciting. Whether you’re getting together with someone you’ve known for years or finding love with somebody you’ve met on an online dating site, these early days of a relationship are precious. With each milestone you pass, your relationship gains a new layer of richness and meaning, laying the foundations for a future together.

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