La Casa Ristorante, Sydney

La Casa Ristorante


271 Lyons Road

Russell Lea



Good place to take a date:


Italian cuisine is the food of love, and an authentic Italian restaurant can set the mood like no other. So where better to take your date than this charming restaurant in Sydney’s Russell Lea district for an evening of passionate food that will leave you screaming Mamma Mia!? La Casa Ristorante is a family-run Italian with an emphasis on flavour and friends. Be welcomed like long lost family as you dive into your dinner. And lovingly made dishes cooked the Sicilian way is sure to get the conservation sizzling! On summer evenings, feel the heat of the night as you dine al fresco in the beautiful courtyard, brought to life by the buzz of diners. Not somewhere to go for a quiet Sydney date in an intimate corner, but certainly special in its own way.


Good place to meet for a first date:


Feel instantly at ease as you blend into the crowds of this bustling Italian restaurant on a first date. Coffee and cream décor make for an inviting atmosphere, and the hub of excited diners young and old brought together in the name of food will make you feel right at home. Your only problem might be getting a table in this popular joint! Excellent food and great value for money make La Casa Ristorante a winner for first dates that have the security of something to fall back on, whether it be people watching, the yummy food, or the welcoming staff who run it. Tuck into a tasting board to break down the barriers and get close as you feed each other delicious entrees.  As a hotspot for families, couples and friends dining out, you’d be unlikely to meet someone new here though if you’re looking for dating in Sydney.


La Casa Ristorante

La Casa Ristorante


Average age:

As you’d expect from a family-run Italian restaurant,  at La Casa Ristorante you can find every generation on at least a few of the tables. Whilst this may make it quite noisy and chaotic at times, this is part of the charm; there’s always the sound of someone laughing in the background, and the atmosphere is extremely relaxed. Smart-casual is perhaps the best dress code for a Sydney date in this place.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

The price really depends on what you go for; pizzas and pastas are going to be a much cheaper date than the seafood grills and steaks. However all of dishes are amazing value for money, with generous portion sizes and irresistibly fresh flavours that will leave your tastebuds tingling. Have a look at the menu to see for yourself.


Time of review:

La Casa Ristorante tends to be packed on evenings and weekends, when every man and his dog (well, except the dog. No dogs allowed folks…) comes to have a taste of Mama’s famous meatballs and tuck into their favourite Italian cuisine. Book at table to avoid disappointment, or visit midweek for a slightly calmer scene.


Type of cuisine:

Pizzas, pastas and tiramisus are the big selling points of La Casa Ristorante to draw you in. But when you get down to the decisions you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of choice. Seafood, juicy meat dishes and risottos also add to the extensive options that you’ll need a second date just to sample!


Final word:

Indulge into Italian food just like-a mamma used to make it as you absorb the fun and friendly atmosphere of La Casa Ristorante. Great for couples who like a bit of hustle and bustle around them as opposed to eerily quiet, expensive fine dining, you’ll feel like you’ve known each other, and the staff, for years by the end of the night.