Lessons Learned From The Dating Game

Lessons Learned in Dating

We love giving dating advice on this blog, to share the wisdom we’ve gleaned from hundreds of couples that have found love on our site. All of our powers are focused on Cupid’s arrow, and we like to strike people unawares, making them think about what they want from a partner, and how they might achieve it.

However, we’re people too and, like everyone else, we’ve had our share of good, bad and ugly dating experiences. It’s about time we divulged what we’ve learned over the many dates, big and small, that’ve come the way of the FreeAndSingle team:

Don’t Force It

Perhaps the most difficult feeling you’ll have when you and your beau part after first meeting is – that was just okay… but it could be better next time, right? Yes, it very well could. Physical attraction, especially, can morph and mould into something more.

Yet forcing something to happen when it clearly isn’t going to? That’s madness. Only you can recognise it, deep in your gut. Even if your partner thinks the world of you, don’t string them along just to fill your schedule. Be rational about calling it quits when the sparks don’t fly.

‘Types’ Are Bad

We all have a ‘type,’ which is great when you’re looking for no strings attached fun. The problem is when people fix an idea of their dream lover so strongly in their mind that it becomes a ball and chain, dragging them down to an abyss they may never crawl out of.

If you go in with prescriptive qualities on the brain, you’re likely to miss what could be the seeds of a stonking relationship. Let people surprise you. Be open to their oddness or, relatively speaking, their normality. There’s always more to a stranger than meets the eye, and opposites can balance each other out, like an electrical current.

There Are No Rules

We’ve never proclaimed to know the great commandments of dating, because there are none. Subjectivity is part of the game. What works for one couple might be antithetical to the next, and so on. However, let us eat our words a bit and say that every couple should be open to simply doing what they feel like.

Should you let afternoon drinks slip into the early hours of the morning? Go for it. Would they like to meet up the next day too? If it’s going well, don’t be shy. Love is boundless – that’s the key to its success. A date is a blank canvas waiting for a spontaneous, painterly touch to turn into a masterpiece.

Ideally, this post will give you some confidence: now you know that we put our money where our mouth is, that we’ve been through the wringer more times than most. Every lesson, whether it makes you sing or sob, is worth having, and gets you closer to that magical meeting where your eyes light up, and everything in the future becomes possible.

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