Making New Year’s Resolutions That Will Work

New Year's Resolutions

New Year has suddenly emerged from the haze of Christmas, and whilst it may seem highly ambitious to lose that festive beer belly or start a fitness regime as you plan a night of eating and drinking your way into 2015, New Year’s resolutions are hot on everybody’s lips right now. But if you want to achieve success with your goals this year, the key is to set ones that are do-able, positive and motivating. So if you’ve written ‘lose weight’ or ‘find love’ on your resolutions list, have a read of this and consider a rethink.


What Do You Want?


A good way to look at these annual goals is to think ahead to December 2015 and ask yourself ‘where do I want to be this time next year?’ A resolution isn’t supposed to be a short-term aim for the first few weeks of January – it’s intended as a way to achieve personal development, self-improvement and ultimately happiness. So if you want your future self to be slimmer, in the honeymoon stages of a new relationship, or one step higher up the career ladder, your goals should be centred around these aims.


Making Them Work


Sure, we all want a promotion or an amazing partner, but setting these wishes as resolutions hardly gives you direction on how to achieve them. If you’re serious about ticking these goals off your list in 2015, you either need to make them more specific or outline how you’re going to achieve success. Want to look and feel healthier? Work out a meal plan, or set a goal for how much weight exactly you want to lose. Meanwhile love won’t stumble across you by chance (unless you’re a star in a romcom) – take the initiative and dive into free dating online in the New Year. Don’t just sign up, be the person who makes the first move for once and notice the results.


Sticking to Your Goals


In the dreary month that is January, it’s easy to put your goals to one side as work, self-pity, and LIFE gets in the way of the ‘new you’ that was so optimistically planned in the frivolities of Christmas. To avoid this happening, try to work your goals into your normal routine rather than overthrowing your old regime altogether. Hitting the gym every morning might be unrealistic, but how about after work twice a week, and once on a weekend? If you’re too busy to become a socialite and meet that perfect match, why not log into your online dating account on your lunch break instead?


Make your New Year’s resolutions work in 2015 by setting yourself up for success, with goals that give direction and can achieve tangible results. By moving away from generic aims and tailoring a personal set of goals that can work for YOU, you’ll feel smug in February when you’re still going strong on the resolutions you set today.
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