Online Dating for Parents: Fitting Love into Family Life

Single parents face countless challenges on a day-to-day basis, and although there are few pleasures greater than raising a child, often family commitments can get in the way of romantic ones. But having a love life isn’t impossible if you’re a single parent. And when the kids have gone to bed and you finally get some time to yourself, online dating is the perfect way to refocus your relationships and find someone who is worthy of an introduction to the children.


Online Dating for Parent


Time is a precious commodity when you have children, so the prospect of wasting an evening on a blind date that may or may not go well is neither appealing nor feasible for most single parents. After all, you don’t want to use up your babysitting options on an evening of awkward conversation with a stranger. However when you sign up to online dating, you can start talking to local singles who match your interests and situation – such as fellow parents who are looking for love.


If money is tight or you’re looking to ease yourself into the dating scene, free online dating is a great way to start flirting without any membership fees. You can log on as often or as little as you like – or shall we say when you finally get a moment to yourself. And because you can select the people you speak to by age, location, status and whether they have kids, you can eliminate the time wasters and shape your internet dating journey, to ensure you have a positive experience.


Single Parents and Relationships

If you’ve been on dates before as a single parent, you’ll be familiar with the classic dilemma of slipping the children into the conversation. Do you lay your cards out on the table immediately, or wait until you’ve made a connection? How will he or she react when they find out that you’ve got ‘luggage’? The beauty of online dating is that you can make your situation clear from the start, eliminating the problem altogether. So when a potential suitor gets in touch, you’ll know that they are child-friendly and interested in the real you.


Online dating conversations allow you to determine whether he or she is worth scheduling a babysitter for. If you’ve both got children, you may want to wait until the second or third meeting to arrange a play date with the kids. After all, you don’t want to confuse the children with a new men or woman every week. Reserve an introduction until you’re sure that you’ve found ‘the one’.


Prioritise your love life without compromising on your commitment to the kids by joining FreeAndSingle or FreeAndSingleParents today. Meet single parents who are looking for someone just like you, in a relaxed, fun and most of all free environment that makes juggling your relationships simple and easy. And who knows, you could just find someone who slots perfectly into your little family unit.

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