Online Dating: Making your first impression count

Ah, the one pitfall of online dating that no-one ever told you about.

The profile picture.

It’s funny how, in this day and age of internet social networks, we all fall into one of two categories;

  • Those who have a different profile picture for every social platform they inhabit to show off different sides of themselves.
  • Those who have one picture, that they took when they first joined Facebook five years ago, that they use for everything.
The thing with online dating? You’re looking for a spark, for chemistry without that all important first face-to-face interaction. I’m not saying looks are everything – far from it, I believe online dating has the edge on traditional dating just because it forces you to talk to someone without instantly judging them on their looks – however; I can’t deny attraction is a powerful part of dating.
So why, oh why, do people post such awful profile images of themselves? It isn’t rocket science! Here’s the Free and Single Guide to Profile Pictures!
Don't include all your friends in your dating profile picture

What Not To Include:

-Ten of your friends in the same picture – which one is you?
-Goofy cartoon borders that say ‘I’m so fun!’
-Pulling a silly face
-A selfie of your hot body in the mirror
-Your ex with a their face crossed out
-Your darling doll collection
-Your three dressed-up chihuahuas, posing on your shoulders
-No crazy backgrounds or mischievous photo bombers

I mean really; it should be obvious. Anyway, here’s what to aim for:

-Your face
-Your smile
Yup, that’s pretty much bang on for a great profile image. Stop hiding yourself behind all the crazy malarkey and go natural!
How to Take Your Profile Picture
-Either practice with a self-timer, wireless remote or harangue a good friend into helping you out.
-Put on some music that makes you feel comfortable, charming, flirty – the you that wows on first dates.
-Get outside in the evening, the natural golden light is amazingly flattering
-Find a solid, unfussy background – a lawn, the sky, a wall.
-Take loads of photos.
-Try looking down, then looking up and smiling into the camera a few times.
-Try picturing the camera as the best first date you ever saw walk into the restaurant.
-Think about something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside while you smile at the camera.
Once you’ve got loads of shots (and I mean loads, go crazy, mix it up, try different backgrounds and ideas), ¬†get yourself home, load them up onto the computer and have a look.
If absolutely none of them (unlikely) are any good, either check your camera was on automatic and not blurring you out or make a date with your friend to have another go.
Don’t edit the images – no superficial nose jobs or teeth whitening. You don’t want to grab loads of people’s attention on the dating site just to wind up being rejected in person because you falsely represented yourself.
I suggest just cropping the image to show your face, hair, neck and shoulders. You should be looking into the camera and smiling.
You look fantastic! Post it to your dating profile and wait for the winks to roll in.