Online Dating Tips: How to Increase Your Response Rate

Online Dating Response Rate

After working up the courage to get in touch, writing a message and waiting for a response, it’s easy to feel a little disheartened if your efforts don’t pay off when online dating. What can you do to grab the attention of those sizzling singletons, and increase your response rate?


Whether you’re looking for love or searching for no strings attached fun, there are a few things that every dater should do when navigating the world of internet dating. Get the most from your online dating experience and secure the best possible chance of success with these handy tips from the experts:


Complete your profile


There’s nothing more off-putting than receiving an online message from someone with a blank, incomplete or outdated profile. Whilst it’s not all about looks, a recent photo will help potential dates put a face to a name, and will give your account credibility. Meanwhile, filling out your status, interests and bio offers an insight into your personality, which is sure to have an impact on your response rate!


Make your message unique


You may have sent a perfectly nice message, but if it’s generic you’re unlikely to get a response. Messages without a personal touch risk looking like a standard template that could have been sent to tens of other men or women. So spend some time reading their bio and interests before you send your message, to find a conversation starter that shows you’re paying attention.


Ask an open question


Write a first message that the apple of your eye can’t resist responding to, by ending it with an open question. Simply saying hello and stating that you love walks on the beach too may not be enough to spark their curiosity. To clinch the deal, ask a question that will give them something to talk about – where is your favourite beach and why?


If you’re struggling to think of a relevant question, ask about their day. By expressing a genuine interest in their life, you’ll show that you’re not just after one thing.


Find people ‘online now’


Forgetting to reply to online messages is easy done when we’re busy. So choose the right moment to send your first message – ideally when he or she is already online. Browse for members that are ‘Online Now’ to start a conversation with singles near you, and you’re far more likely to get a speedy response.


Getting a good response rate from your opening messages isn’t rocket science, if you have a little help from the experts. Follow these tips to whip your online dating game into shape, and you could be arranging a first date before you know it. Put some time into creating your profile and writing unique messages to singles that catch your eye, and the world is your oyster when online dating…

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