Puppy Love: How to Find a Fellow Pet Lover Online

Dating With Animals

For some singles, it’s not a question of finding ‘the one’ – you’ve already found a faithful friend to keep you company. However, while our pets can be perfect companions for walks in the countryside or cuddles on the sofa, it’s nice to be able to have a two-way conversation with someone who really understands you.


Whether you’re crazy about your cat or you dote on your dog, finding a partner who loves your pet as much as you do can be difficult. To help you overcome the obstacles of dating with pets, FreeAndSingle has some expert advice.


How to Find a Pet Lover

When on the look out for love, you should consider just how important finding a fellow pet lover is. Whilst in an ideal world your soul mate will share the same passions and interests as you, sometimes we click with people whom we share remarkably little with. So think twice before putting ‘must love pets’ on your online dating profile.


Besides, what if they love dogs when you’re a cat person? Not only will it rule out a large number of people, it might risk you looking anti-social. Instead, save the topic of animals and pets to raise during your online dating conversation with potential suitors. Talking about our family, friends and pets can help to break the ice when getting to know one another online, making it a great conversation starter.
Dating with Pets


Even if you both love animals, that doesn’t mean your pets are destined to become the best of friends. Save the dog walking date for a little later down the line – you don’t want your romantic first encounter to be interrupted by your pets fighting to determine who’s boss.


However, if you do decide to meet up for a second date, a picnic in the park or trip to the coast could be a fun choice for a date with dogs. It’s also a change of scene from the restaurant or bar where you likely met for the first date. Just make sure that both of your pets are friendly around other animals, and introduce them gradually.


For cat lovers, when you feel comfortable inviting him or her over to your place, a movie night on the sofa will give your feline friend a good few hours to suss out your potential suitor. And if you get their cat’s seal of approval, you can be sure that your date’s isn’t far behind.


Dating with animals can be tricky, especially if your pet is a big part of your life. Don’t get too hung up on finding a fellow pet lover initially – you’ll only make your search for love harder. Besides, the whole point of a first date is sussing out whether you like him or her, not testing how much you have in common. However, if you find someone as crazy about cats and dogs as you, introduce your pets gradually. If it’s meant to be, it will be!



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