Questions to Ask on a First Date – and Topics to Avoid

First Date Questions

Prepping for a first date, you’re probably full of nerves and excitement about finally meeting him or her in person. In between choosing an outfit, picking a restaurant or activity, and making yourself look presentable, you may be wondering about how to fill the next few hours with conversation.


We’re here to take the pressure off that all-important date, by laying down some safe first date conversation topics, and ones to steer clear of if you don’t want any awkward silences!


Good First Date Questions


Looking for a few conversation starters that won’t leave you lost for words when the nerves kick in? These questions are sure to get the conversation flowing and help you get to know one another.


What do you like to do in your free time?


It’s all too easy to go through the motions of age, profession, and favourite colours when you’re nervous. Get your date talking about something they’re really passionate about by asking what their hobbies and interests are. It’s also a great opportunity to see if you’ve got much in common!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


This is the perfect way to broach their future plans, without asking directly whether they are looking for marriage and kids or something else. Their answer should give you insight into his/her dreams, ambitions, and values.


Tell me your favourite childhood memory


Not everyone had an amazing childhood, but we all have at least a few good memories to share. This question allows you to keep the conversation positive, whilst finding out a bit about their past.


Where’s the last place you travelled?


A safe and interesting topic of conversation, travelling is a great icebreaker. Whether they’re a born explorer or they have an annual getaway, everyone loves to travel in some way or another.


Conversation Topics to Avoid


There’s a fine line between being inquisitive and getting too personal, especially on a first date. Avoid these topics if you want the conversation to be fun, upbeat, and memorable for the right reasons:


We spend most of our lives stuck in the office, so who wants to talk about work on a first date? Brush over this topic as quickly as possible, and move onto something more exciting.




You may get hints at their earnings and lifestyle from other things your date says, but don’t pry into their personal income. Very few people feel comfortable talking about money, even with close friends and relatives.


The Past


From exes to hard times in our lives, the past isn’t always rose-tinted. So avoid being nosey about their previous relationships and experiences– unless they’re eager to share!


These are just a few pointers on safe and not-so-safe topics for first dates. Ask open-ended questions that won’t just lead to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, to spur the conversation and really dig into what makes your date tick. Keep it positive and avoid clichéd topics, and you’re bound to be left wanting to find out more about each other.


Photo Credit: Marley Cook

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