Romantic Dating Ideas for February 2014

What’s on in the world this month that can provide you with a spectacularly original, traditional or romantic date night?



  • Head to your favorite watering hole and have the barman create a cocktail specifically for the two of you.
  • Book into a culinary taster class and learn how to cook your special meal together, then chow down on the fantastic results.
  • Don your waterproofs and head to a muddy quad bike circuit to spend some quality time in direct competition with each other. Once done, brush yourself off and head to the pub!

Traditional Ideas

  • Take your date to that special hole-in-the-wall restaurant you reserve for these occasions and splash out on a fancy bottle of wine to share.
  • Dinner and a movie is about as traditional as it gets – why not mix it up and do the movie first, then dinner, thus ensuring any awkward silences can be filled in with discussion about the movie!
  • Head to a fairground or a big wheel and indulge in candy floss, winning teddy bears and jumping into each others arms in the haunted house.



  • Try a boat trip down the river – add in fairy lights, a three-course meal and a serenade by violinists and you’re in danger of your date falling completely head-over-heels for you right then and there.
  • Turn your living room into a zen space clear of clutter and transform into a forest, snowslope or fairyland complete with picnic blanket and homemade repast.
  • Create a treasure hunt around your favorite city for your date and document the whole thing on camera as a memento of your time together.