Ruby’s Diner, Sydney

Ruby’s Diner


Shop 1

173-179 Bronte Road


NSW 2024, Sydney


Good place to take a date:


Beautiful coffee and even better burgers put love on the menu at Ruby’s Diner. A fresh-faced eatery with plenty of heart, you’ll soon feel chilled out on a date at Ruby’s. Break away from expensive bistros and stuffy restaurants and grab brunch or a coffee to see a different side to them. Whilst it may not be pricey the menu is extensive, with tasty treats to please even the fussiest of eaters. The only element that Ruby’s Diner is lacking is that romantic buzz that typifies a restaurant, so although it certainly scores on great food and a novelty factor, it might not be for everyone. Besides, it’s only open during the day.


Good place to meet for a first date:


As long as they aren’t expecting fine dining and haute cuisine, Ruby’s Kitchen is a fun and friendly spot for a first date. Down to earth and incredibly casual, here you can get to know someone without making a big deal about getting dressed up for a posh dinner. Ruby’s Diner has so much charm that it’s infectious; as you grab your daily lunch or morning coffee there’s every chance you might get to know some a dreamy mystery man or woman.

Ruby's Diner

Ruby’s Diner


Average age:

Ruby’s Diner has a young, indie vibe to the place that makes it popular with hippies and surfer dudes. But it’s far from exclusive in its fan base, and if you love rich coffee and fresh organic food then you’re bound to like it too.


Average cost of a meal and a drink:

You can get a great feed here for a low budget date that won’t feel like a cheap option. Prices range between $15-$20, with delicious milkshakes setting you back only an extra few dollars. Great for first meetings and casual dating in Sydney before you’re certain they’re the one.


Time of review:

Brunch is perhaps the biggest attraction of Ruby’s Diner, so you’ll find this place buzzing on a weekend as people come from far and wide to meet friends, dates and cure hangovers with all day breakfasts and fresh-to-death burgers. You won’t be in luck for an evening sitting though; unfortunately the place closes at 4pm.


Type of cuisine:

Ruby’s Diner puts a healthier, fresher, organic twist on the typical American diner. They serve superfoods and vegetarian options that will leave you feeling and looking at your best on your Sydney date. Never fear though, the classic burgers, shakes and all day breakfasts are available too!


Final word:

If you’re looking for an intimate setting for a show-stopping date in Sydney that pulls out all of the stops, you’ve come to the wrong place. What Ruby’s Diner brings to the table is something a bit different; a modern, chic and casual dining experience that makes for fun weekend and daytime dates to remember. Give it a try, you might find you see a completely new side to the dating scene!